Help please folks noobie here

we currently have the starter kit wired thermostat. It wired in our dining room and all is working. However the room is now used for home office working with computers. This means that in the winter the rest of the house is cooler as the thermostat is giving a incorrect temperature of the house.

What are my options to get the heating to come on using the temperature of the living room? I do not want to rewire the cabling from the dining room to the living room. Is it possible to have another thermostat on the living room wall that will override the dining room?

Does this make sense?


  • Do you have tado radiator valves too?

    And you can use a wireless temperature sensor in any spot you like.

    There is one ‘zone controller’ driving the boiler in a house. In the tado app you can create rooms and in every room have tado valves. The valves can request heat for the room, independently of other rooms.

    Does that make sense?

  • Thank you so much for your reply :)

    I'm not really bothered about the heating coming on independently in other rooms at the moment.

    If i put a wireless temp sensor in the living room ( as this is the room i want the boiler to use the temperature from). I am assuming i can disconnect the wired sensor permanently and as you say set the temp on the wireless and use the app also.

    Sorry i have a habit of overthinking things :)

  • @DuncanJSmith What you describe should work. But I believe you can get even more out of it throughout the house, if you study the possibilities. There's plenty of infomation about tado on the website. On the other hand you say you "are not really bothered", so you can take it one step at a time.
  • I chose the old school route. I chased a cable though a wall today and moved it to the desired location.