A huge disappointment

I have literally bought and installed 12 valves V3+ wireless connection etc and found out all the smart features they have advertised are in a subscription, like geofencing and window detection. Really? I mean at least geofencing is a basic feature. Not only that I can get that with HomeKit anyway so what’s the point to make it under subscription. I guess I should have read it better and definitely for next time, no tado for me!


  • Kn0t3n
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    Think about running costs every month.. infrastructure etc. for a once a year payment not much to pay and complain.
  • Hi @Knot3n
    If the subscription features worked properly, then they are worth it......but they don't actually do what tado° "sells it as"
  • If that's the only benefit you see in tado, I would suggest you return the lot and keep quiet here.
  • @Andreplusplus oh I didn’t know you are the forum police and don’t know who has given you the right to tell me what to do or what not to do. But I believe every forum has members like you who eagerly thinks they are the forum police.

    If the geofencing is not automated, then the system does not do efficiently one of the claims that they advertise, saving money. It is by far the easiest way to save money on utility bills, turning off the heating while you are away. So yes, saving utility bill is the only reason I have bought the system.

    Now, I have the system for few days. Geofencing is on. It does notify my phone, asking if I want to turn off the heating however it doesn’t notify the same phone, when I actually get home to turn on the heating. So as you see Mr Forum Police, geofencing is not working even properly for me pay money.
  • @FatihAyoglu I would suggest you return the lot.