Seperate room with tado radiator thermostat and own hot water input

In the living room I like to use V3+ thermostat to control heating. This will be connected to Tado internetbridge.

We use city heating, so hot water is coming in.

In a seperate bathroom I like to use a tado radiator thermostat knob Here is also hot water input, but separated from the living room input. I like to have heating in this bathroom only from 06:00 -8:00 and 20:00-22:00 hours. I can set this via my phone

I like to use the 3 euro app for automatic geofencing, when we are not at home. Coming home the living room will react by raising temperature, there will be no problem.

Here are my questions:

  • When I come home e.g. at 12:00, will the bathroom raise temperature ? or will the previous adjusted timezones overrule this action and leave the bathroom cool ?
  • When we are not home for a longer time, will the bathroom stay cold all the time and not react on my previous set timeslots ?

Please comment,



  • Hello pedrolens,

    When you are controlling different tadoº zones, each one of them will have its schedule, so you have programmed which temperatures do you want at each time.

    Using the Geolocation, the system will apply the Away mode when you are not at home (either by notification to ask you or, using Auto-Asssist, automatically). Away mode means that it apply the Away settings instead of the scheduled settings.

    When you are back and the system changes from Away to Home mode, it means it would start applying the schedule again.

    You can also disable the geolocation control for specific time blocks (so schedule is followed no matter if you are at home or not) and, of course, you also have the manual command, that will override any scheduled setting, and geolocation modes.

    I hope this makes it clearer for you.