Introducing: forum members promoted to moderator

You might or might not have noticed this already, but I've recently promoted two experienced forum members to moderator status. More to come. I'm not sure if they want to be named, so I'm leaving that open for now.

Moderator rights

Moderators can merge, split and move threads, edit comments and a few other rights normal forum users do not have. They do not have access to the email address you've used for forum registration. Moderators have no obligation or connection to tado°. They are not paid and we also do not ask anything from them. They merely have more rights on the forum, nothing more and nothing less. We picked people who behaved constructively in the past, all we can hope for is that they will continue doing so in the future. You can recognize them because they have a 'moderator' label behind their name.


At this point it's a trial on the English language forum only, but I see no reason (at this point) to not extend this further and make it permanent at a later point. I also plan to add a direct line between the forum moderators and our support team, to fast track serious issues.


Let me know what you think of this change. Or when a moderator did something great, or not so great. Or when you believe forum member X would be a great candidate, and why. For personal things, send me a private message.


  • @Rob

    Both the new "Moderators" are very experienced forum members and will be a great asset to the operation of the Community Forum. Great choice.....well done 👍😎

  • Yes, I am sure those people who behaved constructively in the past are eminently suitable picks for the post of moderator of this forum.