Underfloor Heating - Tado -> Wiring Centre -> Actuators


At present I have most of my home's heating and the hot water controlled by Tado but the underfloor is managed by a simple programmable thermostat.

I would like to manage the heat to the underfloor with a Tado too. I need to use a wiring centre as this controls a pump as well at the actuators and also sends the message to the boiler to fire up.

Therefore, I'm thinking I can just connect up the Tado thermostat to the thermostat input on the wiring centre for the relevant zone and that will get the wiring centre to open the valve, turn the pump on and call for heat from the boiler.

Tado are telling me this is not possible as the only way Tado can be wired to underfloor is by a direct connection to the actuators. This surely cannot be right. Is what I want to do possible? Is the Tado side of things easy to set up?

FYI my current wiring centre wouldn't work for this solution (Hep2o 16 zone) due to the proprietary thermostat connection, so I would be looking to replace it with a Heatmiser UH8 or UH4 (along with 230V actuators)


  • From an electrical perspective there’s no reason why you cannot connect a relay style thermostat to a 230V UFH wiring centre. A dumb thermostat, Tado and Nest will all work the same. Only an issue if it’s a low voltage wiring centre designed for proprietary controls.

    There may be a performance issue for why Tado stipulated not to use the wiring centre, but I found a comment from one contributor who claims to be using Tado with a UH8. You may want to contact them directly to verify they were happy with the setup.

  • I got in touch with a different user I had found who had hooked up a Tado to a Heatmiser wiring centre and also spoke to Heatmiser to confirm my understanding about switching wiring centre. In the end I swapped out my UFH system for a UH4 with new actuators on Monday, tested it with a simple dumb thermostat and then followed the Tado app for how to replace the thermostat with a new wired Tado add-on. All has been working well since. Had to route new wiring for the thermostat but that was easy for the location I was dealing with.

  • Hi. Did you need anything further to make the Tado stats work with the Heatmiser?

    I am in the same position and need to replace the wiring centre - but would rather smart/remote stats.