How to override smart thermostat with radiator valve

Hi, can someone help me to set up my system right? I’ve smart thermostat (as relay) and extension kit downstairs, also I’ve smart thermostat (relay) upstairs. Recently I’ve bought radiator valve. It works fine as long as smart thermostat temperature is higher than radiator. However fun begins when radiator is asking for heat. So radiator starts boiler, but thermostat doesn’t turn on upstairs pump because it’s warm enough in the room it is in.
Is there a way to give radiator priority so I don’t have to roast in my bedroom (where wired thermostat is) and kids wouldn’t freeze in their room with radiator valve? At the moment purchase and installation of this valve feels like waste of money and time.


  • Hello Saulenc,

    With our Smart Radiator Thermostats we can't offer three levels of control (radiator + thermostat's relay + extension kit relay), but just two levels.

    I'd advise you to contact our support with your specific setup details so we could maybe suggest some alternative setup in your case.



  • I have exactly the same issue/question. Did you ever find a solution? I've just installed the v3 version of your setup Saulenc.

  • I did, I created two rooms, upstairs and downstairs, and as there are two devices upstairs I’ve chose witch one controls the system. You can chose this in room settings. If it’s not clear, let me know I’ll guide you through.
  • Brilliant, really appreciate that 👍🏻

    I'm just awaiting delivery of the tado Wired Smart Thermostat to replace the Danfoss TP5000 in the master bedroom, and once wired in, I'll probably need to give you a shout.

    Much appreciated.

  • Sure, no problem, just let me know.
  • Hi,

    The Wired Smart Thermostat came sooner than expected so all installed now. So what I have is:

    1. tado° Wireless Receiver (replaced Danfoss TP9000 controller)
    2. tado° Wireless Temperature Sensor (replaced Danfoss TS2 Room Temperature Sensor)
    3. tado° Wired Smart Thermostat (replaced Danfoss TP5000 Si Thermostat)

    I also have 2 tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats that I haven't yet installed. I seem to have the same issue as yourself, how to I warm up our sons room and keep our bedroom cool as it has the tado° Wired Smart Thermostat the controls the valve in it, and no thermostats on the radiator at all!

    Thanks in advance for your help and sending over your solution.

  • Hi, sorry for late reply, I was very busy.
    There is no straight forward solution yet as Tado doesn’t support third level control, but I might have found work around. I’ll try to explain the best I can.
    So Instead of creating separate rooms with one device in I’ve created two zones with multiple tado devices in them, then in tado app room settings you e to chose which device controls the zone temperature. After that I had to turn master bedroom radiator flow down to keep it cooler as I don’t have tado radiator valve yet. There is another way to adjust temperature offset in tado app settings but I didn’t try that yet so couldn’t make a commet yet. I know it’s a bit backwards and I did expect better control, but it is what it is. My little one has never been cold since as her radiator valve controls upstairs temperature, and I haven’t been sweating during night time as enough heat comes from turned down radiator. This setup still lets you control temperature from all devices, but measures it from kids room. Hope it helps.
  • Hi, no worries, I appreciate the assistance.

    As you suggested, it was a zone issue, but I was unable to configure any zones. It turned out that I needed a support technician to set the Smart Thermostat as a controller, once that was done I was able to configure everything as I wanted it.

    I believe all is working but I won't be able to 100% check until I fit the remainder of the smart TRVs, hopefully next week, but it is looking promising.

    Once again, thanks for taking the time so assist 👍🏻

  • How did you get hold of the technician? Thanks