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How to override smart thermostat with radiator valve

Hi, can someone help me to set up my system right? I’ve smart thermostat (as relay) and extension kit downstairs, also I’ve smart thermostat (relay) upstairs. Recently I’ve bought radiator valve. It works fine as long as smart thermostat temperature is higher than radiator. However fun begins when radiator is asking for heat. So radiator starts boiler, but thermostat doesn’t turn on upstairs pump because it’s warm enough in the room it is in.
Is there a way to give radiator priority so I don’t have to roast in my bedroom (where wired thermostat is) and kids wouldn’t freeze in their room with radiator valve? At the moment purchase and installation of this valve feels like waste of money and time.


  • Hello Saulenc,

    With our Smart Radiator Thermostats we can't offer three levels of control (radiator + thermostat's relay + extension kit relay), but just two levels.

    I'd advise you to contact our support with your specific setup details so we could maybe suggest some alternative setup in your case.



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