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I have 12 TRV;s installed for about 6 months now. I have now replaced 4 batteries and it seems like every month this is happening. My suspicion is that the devices sold to me are old and the batteries are gradually having to be replaced. Whatever I am saving in fuel I am now spending on batteries. And yes I have tried swapping them, my battery tester shows that these are low. I have logged a ticket but still not getting to the root cause of this. Mike


  • @mikeelawson

    You can check / confirm the version of your valves near to the pairing button.

    If your valves are VA02 ones then you might want to consider using rechargeable batteries:

    What type of batteries should I use in my tado° devices? How do I replace them? | Help Center

  • I've had Tado for a few years and used it to replace a Nest. The investment was considerable as I put room and radiator thermostats in every room. I am one of those sad people who logs oil consumtion and have not seen a reduction of a single litre of oil in that time. I only recently began logging the battery usage and this morning had to change the batteries in a rad thermostat that received new batteries on 12/12/21. A new set of batteries every three months is ridiculous.

    I can not recommend this product.

    The concept is excellent but it just doesn't work. I am close to having the Nest refitted and sticking standard TRVs back on the rads.

  • @Catfunt If your goal is to reduce energy consumption, tado is not it. Despite the claim they stake (with an old report from 2013)… Most likely people use more energy as they are now able to heat rooms by driving the boiler which they couldn’t before.

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    Dragging up an old "battery" thread.

    I am wondering about the accuracy of the low battery alerts. We had one for a room almost 1 month ago (via email) and the battery level on the app continues to show as "good" with no performance issues.

    I tend to keep a close eye on them and wait until the TRV is offline (due to flat battery) before replacing.

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    Usually when a TRV indicates low battery it will remain online for some time but it will die the moment it needs to change the valve opening. So outside heating season it may last a long time.

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    I fitted seven Tado SRTs on 7th October last year and an eighth in January. So far I have only replaced the batteries in one SRT (maybe it's two, but no more than that). So that's seven months of operation so far - i.e. pretty much one complete winter season - on one set of batteries for most of the SRTs.

    I've used Eneloops for the replacement and will switch to rechargeables for the rest when the time comes. Rumour is that the Ikea LADDA rechargeables are a match for Eneloop in size and performance, but at considerably lower price, so I'll be giving them a trial when the time comes. Be sure to go for the lower capacity versions if you care to try. The larger capacity versions are a bit fatter and will not fit, or at least that's my understanding.