How come Tado V3 doesn't turn off my AC despite reaching the desired temperature?

So i have been using Tado for about a month now and I have it in non-thermostat mode due to needing extra functions such as dry etc.

I have noticed that Tado NEVER turns off my AC at all. I can look at the app and it'll say "Cooling to 26c" yet the current temperate will be something like 23c.

I have the fan speed set to low and the Tado is about 2 meters from the aircon unit itself. There is no way at all that there is a 3c difference between the Tado and the aircon.

Right now, it just seems like the aircon is on low fan speed constantly unless it hits a smart schedule block where I have set the unit to dry or to be turned off.

This behaviour coupled with the inability to not be able to set Dry mode in the Apple Home app, nor record changes made by a "dumb" remote doesn't really make me feel I am using a "smart" aircon device.

Any support would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Germán
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    Hello Pottypotsworth,

    In the Non thermostatic mode is the AC who rules the temperature measurement, tadoº would only send the requested commands af the remote would do.

    For tadoº to be the one controlling the temperature, it needs to be used in Thermostatic mode.

    Find here more information:



  • Hi German,

    I understand the difference between the two thermostatic modes. But if Tado is literally just saying to the AC "Set this temperature" and is not then turning the aircon off when that temperature is met. What is the point of using it all? I may as well pick up the remote and set the temperature myself.

    I totally get that in thermostat mode adjustments are sent, but surely in non-thermostat mode once the temperature is at the desired level the aircon should be turned off then back on again after it rises?

    Thermostat mode isn't any good because i need the ablity to set a dry mode at night in time blocks, so there doesn't really seem to be much smart about Tado at all :/

  • Hello Pottypotsworth,

    In the non thermostatic mode the one deciding that the temperature has been reached or not is the AC, the same that when this is requested from the remote. It is normal that the AC is not measuring the same temperature than our device, as soon as there are height or location differences. In Non thermostatic, it will not interfere with the temperature measured.

    That's why the thermostatic mode is there: for the times in which we want tadoº to be the one ruling on the temperature measurement.

    The use case you're explaining (needing to swap between thermostatic control and non thermostatic in the same schedule, if I'm understanding it in a broad sense) could make a good idea for development, I'd kindly suggest you to open a poll in the Suggestion, Ideas and Improvements section so other users can also vote for it if they are interested.



  • Hi Germán,

    Thanks again for the reply. I have switched the system into thermostatic and it does most of what I want, but as you note the issue is that I want to be able to use other functions of my aircon such as dry mode.

    So i guess it is not so much about switching in and out of thermostatic, it is more having the other aircon modes available in thermostatic to be set in smart blocks or so.

    I will follow your advice about creating a poll anyway. Thank you.

  • I’m having this issue too but I can’t see a Thermostatic mode in the app…