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Finding AC that works with Tado



it says one with full display and one that sends information back etc...confusing and how do i find if ac is compatible or not ?

Is this compatible ?

or this ?

How do I find one ? I know from remote i can change fan on and off. change swing etc. But not sure if its 2 way or 1 way...is AC also updating it back to remote ? not sure. Why they don't have compatibility list ?


  • Hello Jshah,

    The relevant part is the remote because in the end what our device can do is to send the signals to control the AC via IR as the remote does.

    The article you quoted described the requirements a remote has to meet to be compatible. This means that if the remote does as the article explains, the kind of signal it's sending is the kind of signal our devices support and that is what makes it compatible.



  • Hello!

    My AC meets the requirements the article describe but I haven't been able to make it work with my tadoº.

    I been looking for help and I have writed twice to tadoº support without any response... I guess my only chance will be to return it.

    My Ac is a Panasonic W12CKP

  • My remote looks exactly the same. Tado recognizes the remote's command set as "AS-490", but nothing happens on the AC during installation (no beep). My AC is a Panasonic CS-TE12HKE-5. Did you ever get this to work?

  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator


    Please contact our technical support via our website chat so that they can check if there is another command set available. Please send them a picture of the front cover of the remote control of your AC where we can see the active settings on the screen.

    Best regards,

    Your tado° Team

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