Ideal vogue 32 opentherm hot water preheat control

Just had our old boiler replaced and the new Ideal vogue 32 boiler is connected with opentherm. So now the boiler modulates which is great. However the hot water preheat on the boiler is set to off. Can turn on but Wondering if this can be controlled by tado by enabling hot water control in the smart thermostat. We have an extension kit fitted and have 10 rooms already. Read about it working on a different make of boiler just need to know if works on Ideal.


  • Hello. I have the same set up as you. As far as I can tell all setting the hot water temperature is doing is outputting it at that temperature. I’ve never had preheat turned on on mine before I installed the Tado and after installation and with setting the water temperature it seems to take exactly the same time to come through hot.

    You could try setting the preheat on the boiler directly and see if this makes a difference.
  • Assuming the Vouge is a Combi...preheat is only to preheat the water inside the boiler..controlled from the pushbutton on the front...Tado will not control preheat.
  • Ok. Thanks for that. I had just read about a tado connected to a Worcester boiler and the hot water selection turned the preheat on and off. And set the output temperature.