5V external Power for smart thermostat radiator valve

Does anyone know, if we can use ext. 5V1A as Power for the smart thermostat radiator valves?

As the 2xAA cells only provide 3V I am in fear of damaging the device with ext. 5V. I'm fine with hacking a cable into the thermostat, but I don't want to kill it completly with too much voltage.

I am asking because I know devices (f.e. arduino) which have inputs with a max voltage of 3.3V and are destroyed with 5V.


  • Hello madejackson,

    The Smart Radiator Thermostat is designed to operate on 2xAA batteries exclusively.

    We would recommend not to try it as this migh void your warranty.



  • @madejackson

    I would strongly advise against trying to use 5V with the Tado Smart TRVs, as indicated they are designed for 3V. (Typical AA batteries are 1.5V each.)

    However a possible approach is to get a 'battery eliminator'. These are designed to pretend to be AA or AAA batteries and to give out the same voltage. Therefore a model designed to replace 2 x AA would give the same voltage.

    Your remaining problem will be that the Tado Smart Thermostat is not designed to route the cable through its case and this might require drilling or cutting a suitable whole.

    I bought a 3 x AAA version of the above for use with the Tado Smart Thermostat however and I am routing the cable via a hole in the wall behind the Thermostat so cabling is not a problem.

    Obviously any battery level monitoring by the app etc. is then going to be useless.

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