Feature request - Extra lock pin

I find it too easy to un-mount the thermostat from the radiator. If a person who has no experience with the thermostat wants to change the temperature and he/she grabs the thermostat and starts turning it, chances are that they will unintendedly dismount the thermostat.

This happened to me yesterday. I occasionally rent out my house via AirBnb. Renting out my house is the main reason I bought the Tado system. I want to be sure that my guests do not turn up the heat and open windows and then leave my house for several hours. Especially nowadays with the increasing costs of energy, I do not want to have my earnings fly out of the window'.

One of my guests wanted to increase the heat and turned the knob. It dismounted the thermostat and they could not re-mount it. This caused my radiator to heat up to its maximum and this for several hours! My idea of saving money by purchasing the Tado system has backfired! If this happens more often I will have to deinstall the Tado system and revert to my old 'Stupid Thermostats'.

So I would really appreciate an Extra Lock Pin to prevent this kind of unintended unmounting. Think of an extra button you need to press before the device can be unmounted.

Please add let me know if you agree with me!


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Please browse the forum a bit first. What you write here has already been suggested by several others.