Should batteries be considered as "Goodwill"

I have bought 12 Tado TRV's and in less than 6 months I have had to replace 6 batteries. When tested they were half flat.

Having escalated to Tado, they advise that batteries are provided as "Goodwill". My counter to that is that tyres on a new car, are they considered as goodwill. Seems they are not prepared to shift on this matter.

Should batteries be considered as "Goodwill" 2 votes

Fair enough, they have a point
Come on lets be fair about this
Nah not bothered either way
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    My advice is: always buy from an official / large supplier where products move fast, so the shelf life isn't much affected. It isn't necessary tado°'s fault, but could be supplier's.

    Tado° doesn't offer a medical grade products, hence full supply chain traceability isn't really needed.

    Manufacturing date / batch code / serial number etc. are usually printed on a package, and will give you a ballpark figure how old the product is. If you see anything crazy old, return it to the seller.