For those that use Auto-Assist, do you think it saves you £25 per year?

I am considering subscribing to Auto-Assist. but am loathe to after spending best part of £600 installing the kit.

I am a little opposed to subscribing, mainly because the technology exists already within the app, and it costs Tado £0 extra to activate it. I've spent £600, I don't really want to be tied into a subscription.

for those of you that currently subscribe, do you think it saves you the £25 over the year in heating costs?

For those that use Auto-Assist, do you think it saves you £25 per year? 6 votes

Yes - significantly more
Yes - a little
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    It definitely less than £25 a year savings , but i decided on due to the comfort of not having to switch off heating when I leave home leaving the area set up on n geofencing and already driving. I did it for a year without the subscription.
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    Any savings always depend heavily on your own behavior before and after making the change. When you have made careful schedules and always manually turn off the heating (some time) before leaving home or opening a window, of course auto-assist will save you nothing. It may be more convenient and it may actually cost you more as the automation cannot predict you leaving the home and for how long.

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    For me, it's no more than a good sales pitch............the only bit that seems to work (not necessarily within promised specs) is the geo-fencing feature.......but many tado° users want this significantly even this feature is not cutting it with tado° customers.

    And the other parts of "Auto Assist" simply add nothing to my CH experience, because (imho) they can never be accurate enough for me to base any "predicted" savings.

    However, I can easily see the effect produced by my own physical interactions with my tado°/Central Heating setup.

    I don't expect tado° to be the "Perfect" many posters seem to want, judging on some of the "Feature Requests" that are being registered in the Forum, but, if users accept the "Real Time" limitations of the tado° system........then it works really well.....most of the time anyway.

    So with regards to the subscription being worth it........."Computer says No"

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    No savings for me and I've cancelled renewal. Reasons....

    We are two retired adults and I'm the only one in charge of heating controls.

    Heating is on 24x7 (subject to thermostats needs) with a finely tuned schedule per room to maximise comfort and minimise cost.

    The house is rarely unoccupied (for long) and automatic geofencing is unnecessary. Manual control is sufficient.

    Open window detection was mostly useless, detecting open window when somebody walked past a sensor or flapped a towel in the bathroom. More recently it doesn't seem to kick in much at all, or at least not that I've noticed. We don't need it.

    The figures produced by Tado are mostly fictional. The Heating Activity stats simply don't reflect the truth. Not at all. For example, an "independent" thermostat might be in need of heating all day and all night, but will only receive heat when another active thermostat requests it. Even then, heat will only be received when the boiler is burning. There are times when heat is called for but the boiler is not burning gas. Thus you could see a very high demand for heating (e.g. 22 hours out of 24) when in reality the boiler was only alight for 4-6 hours.

    Energy IQ stats are just as troubling. I supply meter readings to Tado on a daily basis. Last month Tado estimated my heating costs to exceed my entire gas consumption for the month. That's impossible to be true and therefore stupid. So what about showers and other hot water? I can get accurate half hourly/daily/monthly data from my smart meter. There is no value whatsoever to me from Tado's unsatisfactory guesswork.

    As for savings, no doubt Tado saves money, but not through its own (not so clever) automation. It is through my own observation and education leading to adjustments to boiler flow/return temperatures and creatively setting up the system to be as efficient as possible through careful temperature scheduling and considered use of "independent" thermostats.

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    I completely agree with your observations.