IQ readings

I’m confused.
I’ve just started doing monthly reading and adding the data. Do I just add the data month by month or do I add 1st month onto the 2nd month and so on. I have not been been doing that just adding each month but I have just added my latest reading and it won’t let me And says.
The current reading can't be
less than the previously
added reading, please check
the value or date and try


  • eezytiger
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    Are you entering meter readings or billing data? I enter meter readings in m3 and of course each reading should be equal to or greater than the last. Meters don't run backwards. The only exception might be with a meter change. I have no idea how Tado handles that.

    I do submit my numbers daily. Here's a recent example of my readings. They only stay level or increase from day to day, month to month etc..

    If you're entering details from bills then good luck with that. I tried it, briefly, and Tado came back with some absurd numbers so I gave up within around a week or so.

  • Rob2
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    "The only exception might be with a meter change. I have no idea how Tado handles that."

    They don't handle that. You will have to perpetually add the difference between the last reading from the old meter and the first reading on the new meter. E.g. when you old meter was last indicating 46274 and your new meter read 4 when you got it (they calibrate them) you will have to add 46270 to every reading you punch in from then on.

    Maybe the servicedesk will be able to reset something so you will not have to do that. But all in all it seems like a big oversight.

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    Can't you simply delete all your current readings and start to submit your new readings......a bit of a pain if you've been adding your readings daily tho'......

  • Done that and it still won’t take the lower monthly data
  • try change it to another measurement (ie KWh) ,then change it back to m3, this should reset the data stored.

  • GrayDav4276
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    Get tado° support to sort if out for you.......assuming they've got the time of course.

  • @GrayDav4276 Haha, you know it not April 1st anymore right! 🤣

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    @andyblac bad 😎