Anyone seen heating staying on when app has turned it off?

Hi all,

I have Smart Thermostat extension kit to control both heating and hot-water.

I have recently noticed this situation: starting with both heating and hot-water turned on, then turning off heating, the extension kit continues to "demand" heating. The app says heating IS off but it is not and it is not controlled by smart thermostat either.

When hot-water goes off, after about 60 seconds, the extension kit then switches off the heating system.

I have checked this by testing signals in the junction box and listening for the relay clicks etc.

I suspect a software logic bug - any thoughts?


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    Yes , Happening me today , but mine is constantly calling for flame . Gave to switch the boiler off manually .

  • Tado support reloaded the configuration into my Extension kit and resolved the issue.

  • Hi all I have the same thing. The hot water and heating is saying off in the control box and saying off on my phone but the boiler is still heating everything.
    Any thoughts on the problem.
  • I am having issues, the radiators with tado controls are off, but the boiler still keeps coming on and heating the 'manual' radiators, i.e. the radiators not linked to tado system keep heating up?

    I was told that once the boiler is connected to tado receiver, it comes on only when tado receiver demands it, then why my boiler keeps kicking off, help please?

  • I have the same issue. Does anyone know what the fix is?
  • johnnyp78
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    Maybe check if your boiler has weather compensation attached?
  • I’ve had this- see my more detailed post.
    In my case it’s caused by one of the radiator valves losing signal. It doesn’t show up in the app but if I go on the little graph icon I can see when it’s dropped out.
    Speaking to tado they say that’s what caused the boiler calling for heat.
    But it’s unsatisfactory that they system gives no indication this is happening and the only way to sort it is manually reset everything.