Heating seems to come on once a day for a few minutes?

Hi all,

New Tado user here using the system with a combi-gas boiler.

Since installing the system I've noticed the boiler fire up for 5 mins or so at around the same time each day. I have all thermostats and TRVs set to Off ("Frost protection").

Any idea why this might be happening? Seems very wasteful, especially as spring temperatures head towards 20 degC. It also wakes us up when the boiler starts up!

How do I stop this? It's not obvious from the app.

Many thanks, David


  • Is the boiler actually heating, or just pumping water? Some boilers run the pump occasionally to circulate the water and stop the pump from seizing, so might not be Tado related

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Indeed, it is probably not the Tado but the boiler itself doing that. The fact that you notice it now is that it (usually) happens every 24h from power-on of the boiler, which you will have powered off to install the Tado. So now you notice it at that time, whereas previously this may have occured at a time of day when you do not notice it.

  • eezytiger
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    My Vaillant combi has a "comfort" option for the hot water. If it is enabled the boiler will fire up periodically, regardless of heating demands, to maintain a reserve of hot water within the boiler for quicker heat at the taps. I've had the boiler for 11 years and only discovered this function last year. I turned it on by accident and have now turned it off.

    If it is only once per day then maybe it is a little maintenance cycle to keep everything loose and moving, especially in summer months.