Energy tariff details

Hi, new to Tado system still learning.

Question on the energy tariff, you can put in your unit cost. Is it in £ or pence my rate for gas is 3.31p/kWh I have put in 3.31 but it looks like it’s using a £3.31.

So should I put into the app 0.3?

Thanks in advance



  • andyblac
    andyblac ✭✭
    edited April 26

    for 3p it would be 0.03, you should put will prob round it up to 0.033

  • @andyblac thanks for the reply will do that. thanks again.

  • Your screen shot shows a cost per cubic metre, it should be 0.033 £/kwh. This can be changed within the Enegy IQ section - data source and units. Your gas meter probably measures in cubic metres but you are charged on kwh by your supplier.
  • Hi @CarlosB thanks for that I did see that error as well but have changed kWh