What I need?

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Hi! I am renovating my house and have been advised to try Tado instead of Nest. With Nest I know exactly what I need to buy but with Tado I am struggling. My set up is as below:

Boiler - Vaillant or Bosch - System Boiler

Zone-1 Grounf floor: Underfloor Wet heating system

Zone-2 First floor: Radiator )manual TRVs - I will add SMART TRVs in futire - donet see any need now)

I have two honeywell diverter valves for these two zones.

I also want Tado to contorl Hot Water (programmer) and I am looking for wireless system not hardwired.

With Nest I know I need to buyt two Nests )one upstairs and one down stairs) and two heatlinks will connect to the wiring center to control two diverter valves and hot water.

Not sure hiow many kits I need to buy and I want wireless - all design optiosn shown on the webste do not incude this set up. The extension kits are also not clkear.

Help please? I want to give Tado a try as understand better than Nest?\



  • my neighbour has been given a hand held thermo control to go with her recently installed boiler but she has no wifi. How will it work?

  • @Puchchu have you commissioned someone to design your UFH? For an entire ground floor it's quite likely that you will have multiple water circuits, and therefore need multiple thermostats. Normally the designer will select a UFH controller which will be the brains of your heating system. As well as controlling the UFH actuators the controller may also control the zone valves for the radiators and HW cylinder. UFH controllers can use proprietary wiring systems, but if they support the 'switched live' method then you can connect Tado (or Nest) thermostats. You really need the design before you start purchasing thermostats.

    To use Tado you will need a Wireless Receiver for the HW cylinder. The UK variant of this device also has a second channel for one wireless wall thermostat. Operationally the Wireless Receiver is very similar to the Nest Heatlink. BUT you can only have one wireless receiver per account, so the other thermostats will need to be wired in.

    Tado does not use WiFi, but uses a bridge/hub as a central interface for wireless communication between devices. In a larger property you need this device in a central location to avoid issues with signal strength.

  • @GrilledCheese2 Thanks for reply. For downstairs Ido have multuple water circuits but its an open area layout so really dont need mukltiple thermostat - one is enough. I need another one for upstair bedrooms - again one common is enough as I will set manual TRV for equal heating.

    So if I understood correctly, I cannot have two wireless thernmostat connected to bridge/hub but one wireless and the other one will need to be wired? With Nest I can use two thermostats connected to one acocunt. Can't I do the same with Tado i.e. use two sepatate wireless units? I have just completed palstering so can't run amymore wires (planning was based on Nest)

  • Officially you can only have one wireless receiver. There is a potential workaround to use more wireless thermostats, but I have not seen it officially documented. I believe you can install a wired thermostat in the cupboard/room where you have the heating system and link it to a wireless thermostat in the living space. The temperature sensor in the wired thermostat is disabled and the device operates like a wireless receiver.

  • Thank you. I have noit fully understood but will do some more research.