how does it deal with reached temperature by thermostat vs room still cold

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Hi all,

I am considering buying Tado for my house. Ihave few questions:

1) What happens if I set the thermostat to 20 degrees and the temperature in the room where the thermostat gets to 20 degrees, I guess that the boiler will switch off, but what happens if I have one room that I set to 21 degrees and the temperature is not reached in that room? A quick and dirty solution is to put the thermostat in the colder room, but it doesn't seem a smart solution to me.

2) I'd like to install the smart thermostatic radiator valves for small bathrooms (2mt x 2mt) I read that is not ideal and not safe, can you please confirm?

Thanks for the help

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    1) If you have a Tado Smart (wired/wireless) Thermostat controlling the boiler, instead of your old timer/thermostat, then each Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat (SRT) can call for heat from the boiler as necessary. So if one room wants 20C and another needs 21C both can be achieved.

    2) My bathroom is similar size and I have an SRT fitted (and a wireless temperature sensor). It's been working perfectly since January. I can't imagine what danger there would be from a pair of 1.5V AA cells enclosed in plastic. I've certainly not read such a warning. And I've also dripped water onto the SRT when bleeding the radiator. Of course I've wired it away immediately, but there is no risk of shock or injury that I can imagine.