EnergyIQ not available because I purchased through my energy supplier (Bulb)

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I bought my Tado system through my energy supplier, Bulb, because they offered a good discount. Purchase, delivery and install were all great (kudos to Tado for making this process so simple).

After a week of use I started a trial for Auto-assist but Energy IQ was not enabled. I read the support page and there’s a tiny note at the bottom saying that if purchased through a partner EnergyIQ might not be available… annoying.

I contacted support to check this was the reason and they confirmed that because I bought through Bulb this feature is not available. This is really disappointing because it was not made clear before purchase. The Bulb website does not mention that this feature is not available and the UK tado shop also doesn't include this info in the description even when it knows I came from a Bulb referral link.

Even more frustratingly it seems there is no hardware difference for the model I bought. This is a feature that is part of a paid subscription, which is not discounted, but is disabled for some reason that tado are yet to explain.

Support have confirmed that they are working on making it available for Bulb customers which is good news.

I’ve since asked support more questions but have not received a reply for a week. They’re listed below in case anyone else can help me. But most importantly I’ve asked tado if they will update their website to make this limitation clear before future customers make their purchase.

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Questions not yet answers by tado support:

If I change energy supplier will the feature be enabled? If yes, how do I tell you my new supplier’s details?

Do you have a list of supported energy suppliers that work with this feature?

Which parts of the tado system would I need to re-purchase at full price and swap for my system to be considered a ‘non-Bulb’ system?


  • @StuC we bought ours independently. Three months of IQ stuff is interesting, if only to compare with our own daily usage data. We adjust the room (zone) heat settings in the Tado app to suit our daily use and use geofencing when we are out for the day. Our own usage data has shown we can save up to 35% on heating energy, but only if we are vigilant every day of the week. Others say they save zilch. If your Tado purchase and install works for you, I’m struggling to think the IQ stuff is worth buying something more from elsewhere.

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    Thanks for your reply @wateroakley. I am happy with my tado system and I won’t be changing it as I have definitely saved money. Sounds like you’ve had a better result that most!

    When I said ‘swap’ I meant which parts of the tado system would I need to buy again so that my system is not linked to my energy supplier. I’ve rephrased my question to make this clearer.