No Hot Water, When Heating Isn’t On

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We have had a new boiler installed (Worcester Greenstar 4000) with a cylinder, along with a Tado system (2 zones, one ground floor, another second floor), during the winter.

As the weather has got warmer we have not had the heating on. But in doing this we are finding that we don’t have any hot water, even though the hot water is turned on constantly in the app.

The only way to get hot water is to, have the heating on (which isn’t required in the warmer weather) or boost the system for a period of time before we have a shower etc, which doesn’t seem like a very efficient way of doing things.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Or has any advice?

Any help much appreciated


  • wateroakley
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    @CChi The app has no direct control of the hot water for a combi boiler. For a system boiler, you’ll need to check the lights and switched mains 240v output. Too many potential wiring issues to answer definitively. Last time I fixed this described problem, no hot water, was incorrect wiring that affected a mid-position zone valve. The issue was an unconnected wire at the Drayton time controller (not Tado).

    Suggest you revert to the installer.

    Kr. H.

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    Exactly what do you mean by....." The app has no direct control of the hot water for a combi boiler ".......??🤔

    I have a Combi Boiler and I can control the full schedule of my hot water........for example:

    Schedule the temperature for 36°C from 07:00.........this is a sufficient temp to have a wash or handwash some cups etc

    You could then set the hot water temp (in the evening) to 46°C .......more than hot enough for a bath/ shower.......or......

    As I utilise my Alexa, I simply set the temp to 46°C via Alexa voice, I can control my Combi Boiler Hot Water temperature and time schedule via my tado° App (and also via Alexa)

  • @GrayDav4276 I was thinking of CChi’s ‘cylinder’ as a HW tank heated by the boiler, like an s or y plan. If I’m wrong, sorry for any confusion.

  • GrayDav4276
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    To be honest, there is a bit of confusion in the responses........having re-read the posts, I'm not sure if @CChi has a Combi Boiler or not........however I was responding to your comment " The app has no direct control of the hot water for a combi boiler "........

    So I think we have both caused a bit of confusion here.......😵