Smart Radiator Thermostat is it just a head or a valve as well?

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Hi all

very newbie question. I've just bought 4 new radiators and I did not buy any valve at all, I'd like to install the Smart Radiator Thermostat, do I need to buy a TRV valve and then replace with the Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat or the Smart Radiator Thermostat comes with a valve?

in other words, is the Smart Radiator Thermostat something that replace the head of a thermostat valve or it is a thermostat valves+head in its own?

If it is only the head, can I buy a simple VTR like this one:

and then replace the head with the smart radiator thermostat?


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    The Tado SRT is just the plastic head, intended to replace an existing dumb thermostats head, with zero need for plumbing skills. It is expected that you already have the (metal) valve plumbed in.

    The one you've linked to looks fine to me, not that I'm an expert. The Tado kit should include some adapters, which may or may not be needed, in order to secure the SRT to the valve. I have not needed adapters for my up to 34 year old valves of assorted brand/design or this one I bought recently to replace a noisy existing valve, which was uni-directional and fitted the wrong way round on the return (flow end was not in a good place for a TRV).

    it was £9.95 when I bought mine. £13.95 seems a little pricey by comparison. Hopefully your linked product would be just as effective at a bargain price.