Boiler firing when tado off

Does anybody else have a problem where the room thermostat is at temperature, so not calling for heat, and the controller is showing as off but the boiler is firing?

I've got a problem where the boiler fires at 12noon every day for a couple of hours, even though all the tado settings are set to off. The only way to stop this happening is to manually set tado to off in the app before it reaches the set temperature earlier in the day. I've tried switching it off manually in the app, stays on. I've tried setting to away, which puts all trvs and room thermostat in frost protection mode, stays on. At other times it's working perfectly as expected.

I've had a gas engineer check the boiler and he said it's got nothing wrong with it. He called the manufacturer who said there is nothing inside the boiler that would cause it to come on. They said it's a problem with tado.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this or similar behaviours and knew what to do.

I've got a boiler controller, room thermostat and four trvs. The trvs are not connected to the boiler controller so it's not them calling for heat. I've got three rads with no trvs on them.


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    Hi @totomar

    Which form of App are you it Android or IOS ??🤔 And what App release Update version is it ??🤔 The latest Android App version is 6.50.0

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    Android, have updated the app today to 6.50.0 which didn't help, but I've then reset both the room thermostat and boiler controller to see if that helps, per some other posts I've read.
  • OK, that didn't work. Boiler firing at 11am this morning despite me setting all to off this morning. I'm contacting support. Wish me luck 🙄
  • I have a similar issue that's started in the last few days. The heating is firing up when the hot water is on. I'm also waiting for response from support.
  • Apologies as I’ve just noticed your post having the same issues as me. I hadn’t seen it and posted a similar query this morning.
    Let me know if you find a solution!
  • I've something similar. The room temps are set very low to prevent heat coming on but for the last two mornings the heat has come on and the schedule is showing a different temp to what has been set for the last month or so.
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    Hey, thanks for replies, I've been away and not seen them.

    Following me contacting support weird things starting happening with the room thermostat...assume support messing with it...but still wasn't working. I've now removed it from my home setup and instead have a radiator thermostat as the one calling for heat from the zone controller in the app. This seems to have fixed the problem and I'm waiting for support to admit the room thermostat is the problem.
  • OK, I think I'm getting somewhere. The room thermostat that I removed was wired however it wasn't working and didn't work when I replaced it with the tado thermostat wired in so I (perhaps wrongly) assumed that the cable didn't connect at the other end...this house is full of botched jobs. Now I'm thinking that this cable needs to be traced back to the boiler and removed altogether. Seems like there are examples of hive installations not working due to the same problem.

    In the meantime, I've added the wireless smart thermostat back to my setup and the heating is now permanently on...argh. I will not give up!!
  • Tado support have now remotely reconfigured my smart thermostat which it seems was not configured correctly. Fingers crossed it's all fixed now.
  • Interesting. So they remotely configured your central smart thernostat?

    Or the radiator thermostat?

    If it’s the former, any ideas what they did?

    I find it weird that mine has turned on itself twice, both times at exactly 04.30. The only comments from supper have been to relocate the bridge. But I refuse to believe that would be the course of:
    Two different rad thermostats going offline on different days at exactly 04.30
    In both instances that causing a live feed to be sent to the boiler even though all devices showed that the system was off.

  • I spoke too soon sadly, worked great for a couple of days then back to its old tricks of coming on at the same time every day.

    They said they had updated the smart thermostat configuration as it was wrongly configured. The central thermostat, not the rads.

    Interesting that they've told you it's a problem with your bridge. I do live in a house with very thick walls so this could be the cause of my woes, but I thought it was supposed to keep the previous setting if it lost connection? At the moment I have nothing connected in the app to the zone controller and its just this minute come on, which is a different time to usual. When it works it's brilliant so I am determined to get this working but might have no hair left!!
  • Have discovered that my boiler has an outside weather sensor, which also seemed to be wired into the opentherm connectors instead of the outside weather sensor connectors, unless the wiring was back to front anyway. Seemingly this has permanent control of the boiler and overrides room thermostats. Have removed it this afternoon so keeping all fingers and toes crossed this has now fixed the problem.
  • Seems to be working after removing the outdoor weather sensor thermostat thing. 🤞
  • Hi. Have just posted an update on my query but am aware we have had similar issues. Mine is still happening. Always because a smart radiator thermostat loses connection, doesn’t show as off line yet makes the whole system call for heat (but not show on the app that it has done so).
    So if I’m away I could be hearing the whole house but not know.
    And if I’m there the only way to stop it is to manually turn the boiler (and wireless receiver) off and on again.
    Not impressed with this glitch!
  • So, mine is definitely working now.

    I wonder if you've got the trvs calling for heat in the app? The only thing in my setup that calls for heat is the room thermostat because I don't have trvs on every radiator and didn't want those rooms without trvs to heat to just because one room is a little cold. Typically in my house though if the room with the room thermostat isn't cold then the rest of the house will be OK.

    Also recommend checking nothing 'extra' is wired into the boiler!!
  • Hi @totomar . That’s interesting.

    yes my TRVs do call for heat (when working correctly). But I hadn’t realised I could turn off that function (like you, I don’t have them in every room so can end up heating some rooms unnecessarily).

    How do I turn this feature off? And if I do, what is the purpose of the TRVs?



  • @mark_smugglers You can turn off the TRV 'call for heat' by changing the 'room' setting. Settings : Rooms and Devices : ROOMS. Select the room, then change the Zone Controller from 'Wireless receiver' to 'No Zone Controller (independent)'. The TRV will now operate according the smart schedule, room temperature and times, but will not 'call for heat' via the wireless receiver.

  • Have a gas safe engineer check your diverter valve. Ours was getting stuck and causing the boiler to fire up, and we thought it was Tado misbehaving.
  • Can anyone get an answer from Tado support ?
  • I am also having this issue, boiler is firing up in the middle of the night even though no schedule is present. Wireless light and error light both blink on the reciever when this happens. Switching the power off and then on again on the reciever sorts out the issue until the following night. Only noticed this problem happening since adding two more TRVs.

    I am going to remove the new TRVs one at at time to see if this helps, I also have BG coming over to replace the diverter valve in 3 days time. If neither of these things sort it I will be getting onto Tado support.

    Hopefully I will get this sorted. Watch this space.....