Boiler firing when tado off

Does anybody else have a problem where the room thermostat is at temperature, so not calling for heat, and the controller is showing as off but the boiler is firing?

I've got a problem where the boiler fires at 12noon every day for a couple of hours, even though all the tado settings are set to off. The only way to stop this happening is to manually set tado to off in the app before it reaches the set temperature earlier in the day. I've tried switching it off manually in the app, stays on. I've tried setting to away, which puts all trvs and room thermostat in frost protection mode, stays on. At other times it's working perfectly as expected.

I've had a gas engineer check the boiler and he said it's got nothing wrong with it. He called the manufacturer who said there is nothing inside the boiler that would cause it to come on. They said it's a problem with tado.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this or similar behaviours and knew what to do.

I've got a boiler controller, room thermostat and four trvs. The trvs are not connected to the boiler controller so it's not them calling for heat. I've got three rads with no trvs on them.


  • GrayDav4276
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    Hi @totomar

    Which form of App are you it Android or IOS ??🤔 And what App release Update version is it ??🤔 The latest Android App version is 6.50.0

  • totomar
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    Android, have updated the app today to 6.50.0 which didn't help, but I've then reset both the room thermostat and boiler controller to see if that helps, per some other posts I've read.
  • OK, that didn't work. Boiler firing at 11am this morning despite me setting all to off this morning. I'm contacting support. Wish me luck 🙄
  • I have a similar issue that's started in the last few days. The heating is firing up when the hot water is on. I'm also waiting for response from support.
  • Apologies as I’ve just noticed your post having the same issues as me. I hadn’t seen it and posted a similar query this morning.
    Let me know if you find a solution!
  • I've something similar. The room temps are set very low to prevent heat coming on but for the last two mornings the heat has come on and the schedule is showing a different temp to what has been set for the last month or so.