Boiler (heating) turning itself on

I’ve recently installed the wireless thermostat, wireless receiver and four radiator valves. Very happy with the system until:
04.30 (UK time) today, the boiler turned itself on and started heating the house.

Per the tado system:
-Everything should have been off (not timed to come on until 05.30)
-Everything was shown as being off
- no way to turn the boiler off.

So the only way to turn it off was disconnect power to the boiler (and hence wireless thermostat) then turn then on again. When turned on again it all functioned normally (ie tado shut the boiler off).

I can see that others have had similar issues in the past and had two questions:
1) is there a fix?
2) did anyone else have the same issue at 04.30 UK time today? Am asking in case somehow tado pushed through a software upgrade that didn’t work or something.



  • Do you have Early Start enabled? This feature will start the boiler early to ensure the room is at the programmed temperature for the start of the schedule (5:30 for you). The feature has a reputation for starting the heating much too early and most people disable it.

  • GrayDav4276
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    There has recently been an Android App update (6.51.1).
    Are you an Android App user ?? 🤔.....I have a thing about App Updates causing some users to suffer with new/unexplained "glitches"......just wondered if this might be your issue.
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    Hi All,

    Android App version is 6.51.0. and not 6.51.1 as I incorrectly posted yesterday......sorry.

  • Hi Mark, tado have reconfigured my smart thermostat and said that will fix the issues. Worth contacting them and staying patient with the support process. I've documented my journey in my own discussion. Hope that helps.
  • Hi. Thanks for all the input.
    So exactly the same thing has happened again. At exactly the same time (04.30 UK)
    With the same effect: central heating turned on even though it should be off and all devices shown as off.

    This case it was the lounge radiator thermostat going offline that triggered it. But why should a tado device going offline send a live feed to the boiler even when it is scheduled to be turned off? And why is it 04.30 UK each time?

    I don’t have early start enabled.
    I’m interested that you had the thermostat reconfigured. Should I be pursuing that and what did they actually do?

    The system is great otherwise , but no use to me if it turns the heating on when I’m away but doesn’t show me via the app that it has done so.

  • Quick update in case it’s of use to anyone experiencing similar issues.

    Tado support are adamant that the problem has been caused by the radiator valves losing connection to the bridge.

    Quite why that should mean that the wireless receiver relay turns the heater on (whilst every tado device shows as “off” ) is beyond me. I also find it strange that two different radiator stats, in different rooms, on different days have both done this at exactly 04.30.

    Anyway, I have moved the bridge slightly (it’s already in the middle of the house) so will see if that has any effect
  • Any luck mark? Mine still not working, worked for a couple of days then coming on again when it shouldn't be. No idea what they did, just said the smart thermostat wasn't configured properly and they'd reconfigured it.
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    I noticed the same. I can't recall the time, but on at least three occasions I've walked into the area where our boiler is and heard it on. No radiators are warm and all are set to OFF, it also wasn't time to heat for hot water.

    I fixed it by power cycling the boiler (turning off also turns off the extension kit).

    I do have two rooms with TRV batteries needing replacing (they drain fast) and I don't want to swap them out as it's hitting warmer weather and they'll just drain without ever being used - am pretty confident if I contacted tado support this will their "fix".

    It doesn't make sense that an offline TRV can cause the boiler to fire up. How can it if it's offline?!

  • Mine seems to be working again. It was due to an outdoor thermostat being fitted to the boiler which overrides every other control. Removed the wire and it's now been a week without it coming on randomly.

    I did at one point remove the bridge which would have had the same effect as the trvs being offline and the heating didn't come on so I'm not sure that them going offline would cause this unless they were calling for heat when they went offline.
  • Hi. Another update. The system is still turning the boiler on whilst signalling via the app that everything is turned off. Worrying for when you’re away as you could be heating the house 24 hours a day without knowing it.
    After numerous discussions with tado support I can see what is happening:

    When one of the radiator valves drops signal (which happens often due to the lousy range of the bridge) the wireless receiver turns the heating on. But absolutely no indication of this on the app, ie everything shown as off whilst the boiler is blasting away. And no means of controlling it other than turning the boiler (and hence the receiver) off and on again.

    I can cope with the thermostats dropping out of range but not a system that turns the boiler on, doesn’t tell you it’s done so and doesn’t let you turn it off again unless you kill all power.
    Not impressed. Tado..
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    Totally agree @mark_smugglers I have oil heating and prices currently at £1.05 + VAT per litre it's like gold dust and I do not want to waste a drop!! I am watching tado app and my boiler like a hawk, shouldn't have to but there are just too many "unknowns" with the way tado works.

    I feel the lack of feature release notes, details on firmware updates etc says a lot about internal issues Tado are battling with and manifest as issues like this.

  • This is happening to me and I'm running through ideas with support, but I think they don't know.

    I'm worried because I'm wasting oil which is so expensive now. I can't keep the smart heating system if it is starting up the boiler when it's manually turned off which no schedule or early start on.

  • I wish I had seen this before having the Tado installed on Tuesday. Everything indicated as off but boiler still running and to date an enormous gas bill because you are unaware of this unless you are in the house in close proximity to hear the boiler firing. Ridiculous product I would not recommend anyone installing this unless they have money to ‘burn’ excuse the pun.
  • Check that whatever Tado device you have connected to the boiler- the wireless receiver/ wired thermostat is paired to the bridge. Sometimes if it loses connection it will maintain the last heating state.
  • Having the same problem. Disabled all the geofencing crap. Somehow my app goes into away mode at random (Tado is alway showing im not there btw) and then its not turning off some rooms. Even though I've enabled the check on EVERY (fire that developer plz) time block for every room.

    All of this happens completely at random, most times everything is working normally and sometimes I go into a room thats been heating for however long. Tado is about to cost me more than doing the old way.

  • All similar.

    I had a power cut, and came back to find any internet controlled devices were off line.

    regarding the TADO, despite me reconnecting the bridge, the thermostat controller is just doing its own thing, despite the app. Says all normal.

    so rads that have tmv’s are fine, controlled by the app, but the thermostat, reads on/off when it should, but the signal to the boiler remains. Only means to turn off the boiler is to remove the thermostat facia off the wall.

    any assistance please?

  • Do a full reset including the power to your boiler........then check to see the operation of your system.

  • johnnyp78
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    Sounds like either a connection problem to the bridge or @Bramg1988 in your case your phone isn’t working properly with Tado. Have you got it installed on more than one phone?
  • something like that happened to me today, its caused network drop, or poot connection.. have tado app installed on my wife's phone ( android ) was working ok for a year and a half +- , but I am sure its problem with network..

    switch off everything, wait 5 mins and back on.. it helps