How to control my floor heating


I have a bathroom with heated floor. It's the same heating as my radiators use. The thermostat is also the same as my radiators use. And as I live in Denmark, I think it's danfoss standard.

Now here is the tricky part. The thermostat for the floor heating, is NOT in the same room as the floor heating. So need an external thermal reading for the thermostat.

If i haven't explained myself properly, or you want more info, let me know!

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  • That would be my question aswell if it is possible. In Czech Republic a lot of new houses has an underfloor heating as well.

    I might connect the smart valve to that, since it physically fits, but the tado smart valve seems to be limited to 25 degrees C but my current manual valve is up to 40 degrees.

    The problem with different room thermostat is the same as in your case

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    The Smart Radiator Thermostats are not compatible with floor heating systems.

    **but the tado smart valve seems to be limited to 25 degrees C but my current manual valve is up to 40 degrees.**

    Watch out: we can't put a Smart Radiator Thermostat on this (controlling max temperature of floor heating manifold) valve, nor can we put a Smart Radiator Thermostat on a RTL valve.

    You can control different zones by installing zone valves. You have a “zone valve” installed (tado ° is suitable for both 'normally open' or 'normally closed' valves, both low-voltage and 230v) on which a Smart Thermostat can be wired. The Smart Thermostat can open/close this valve. The Smart Thermostat can't be wired at the same time to a boiler and a zone valve, so an Extensionkit is needed to control the boiler. If you want the control more than 1 zone, you need more zone valves and additional wired Smart Thermostats.

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  • The following comments are in Danish.

    Hvis jeg ikke tager fejl måler en gulvvarme termostat ikke på vand temperaturen og ikke rum temperaturen sådan er det hjemme ved mig og af den grund kunne jeg forstille mig at det ikke virker med Deres termostat.
  • I have Tado on my return valves, take a look at this:

    However it can’t reduce temperature that goes into your floors, so you still need An existing “mixing” unit for floor heating, and then you can use the Tado’s as telestats, as long as you have the wireless temp sensor sitting in the room measuring room temp.

    I have a air to water heat pump, so I have just reduced the temperature it makes to whatever temp I want in my floors, then you don’t need anything other than tado, but if not you need a mixing valve too.