Cannot change way schedules are adjusted for a room

Hi, I always make occasional changes to a schedule through an iPhone.
For all of my rooms except one, this allows me to set a period before the schedule resets. The message on the screen says for instance “until 10.19 etc”
But one room has adopted the “until you cancel” method (so i have to remember to cancel). I think i must have chosen this method once in the past.
For this room, how do i change the method for this one room back to the set period method. At the moment i seem stuck with the “until you cancel” method.

I have tried adjusting the method in the room settings, but these settings ONLY apply when physically rotating the radiator valve.

Perhaps i need to delete and reset the room, but this will mess up the historic stats.


  • Have you tried adjusting the slider on the room square - comes up when you press the pencil icon after adjusting the temperature on the iPhone app. I think the last setting it was left on overrides the room settings.
  • Hi, I'd convinced my myself that I couldn't move the slider. After your tip I tried again and it worked! Many thanks.