Hot water and geofencing

Hi, just like some advice to see if I have this set up correctly: Hot water is set to come on twice a day and in the advanced section, geofencing is set to off so that If I am out of the house, hot water still runs to schedule
At the top of the page, away mode is set to OFF. Everything runs smoothly.

When I go on holiday, I set the away mode to ON, which I believed would prevent the hot water schedule from running however, having just arrived home from a week away, I have hot water in my system, so clearly I have either misunderstood how these settings work, or something is not working as it should.
Anyone able to shed any light?

Thanks in advance.

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  • GrilledCheese2
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    If you disable geofencing for a time block then the Away setting will have no effect. While on holiday your hot water was coming on twice a day.

    I think the only way to achieve what you want to do is to create a second schedule with all time blocks set to Off. When you go on holiday select this alternative schedule. You can have up to three schedules defined and switch between them without losing any data.


  • Thank you, I wasn’t aware I could have multiple schedules. I will get that set up.