How do I use Tado with a combi and two heating zones, UFH and rest of house rads?

Hi All. I've had Tado for over two years with a conventional boiler/tank/CH system. The existing system was a boiler with controller/extension kit, internet bridge, a wireless stat that I use in the living room to regulate the temp of two rads with Tado TRVs and then Tado TRVs on the rest of the rads throughout the house. It's worked faultlessly.

I've been having some serious renovation work done on the property and one thing was a new boiler, which is a combi and an Under-Floor Heating zone in the kitchen. The plumber has installed two zone valves, one for the UFH and one for the rest of the house. So I can have either the UFH heating, the rest of the house rads heating or both systems heating at once.

Currently the boiler isnt wired up with a controller as I'm waiting for the sparky but we've been chatting and are unsure how to control this new setup with Tado. I bought a wired stat, as thought that would work for the UFH zone/pump controller, but I can't get my head round how to wire it all up.

Can the extesion kit control 2 zones as well as HW, and then I use two wirelss stats for the two zones, or do i need to used a wired one for the UFH, and a second wired stat for the rest of the house?

I just cant get my head round it. I'd appreciate any guidance, cheers!