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I'm looking into purchasing tado products: one radiator thermostat per room and a wireless thermostat kit connected to a combi boiler but some things are not clear to me and hopefully someone can help.

  1. Will the the wireless thermostat connected to the boiler dictate the heating for the whole house ignoring the needs of radiator thermostats? Or in other words, do the radiator thermostats communicate with the actuator attached to the boiler?
    • Example A: The room where the wireless thermostat is placed is too hot and does not require heat so the relay on the boiler is deactivated but the other room is too cold and will not receive heat.
    • Example B: (not a problem) The room where the wireless thermostat is placed requires heat and thus the relay on the boiler is activated. The other room does not require heat but the radiator thermostat is anyway closed.
  • Is the heating scheduled stored on the devices or on the cloud only? Does the system keep going without internet connection? Or in other words, do I need the internet bridge for other purposes than being able to use the app?

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    You can configure the system so that each and every valve can request heat and cause the boiler to fire, regardless of the status of the main boiler thermostat.

    You also have the option to disable this feature for any of the SRTs individually if you wish.This is known in Tado speak as "independent" mode. Each independent SRT will still control valve opening according to the schedule, but will only have access to heat when another device has commanded/requested the boiler to fire.

    At present all schedules and system control is via the cloud. If the cloud goes down you should be able to adjust your SRTs manually by physically turning the tops of the SRTs or pressing buttons on wireless sensors, but there will be no automatic scheduling or remote access until the cloud returns.