Novice questions

Hey there,

I'm looking into purchasing tado products for my apartment: one radiator thermostat per room and a wireless thermostat kit connected to a combi boiler but some things are not clear to me and hopefully someone can help.

  1. Will the the wireless temperature connected to the boiler dictate the heating for the whole house ignoring the needs of radiator thermostats? Or in other words, do the radiator thermostats communicate with the receiver attached to the boiler? Or in other words, can I heat one room with a radiator thermostat without heating at all the room where the wireless temperature sensor is placed?
    • Example/Assumption A: The room where the wireless thermostat is placed reaches its target temperature so the receiver/relay on the boiler is deactivated but the other room is too cold and will not receive heat.
    • Example/Assumption B: (not a problem) The room where the wireless thermostat is placed requires heat and thus the relay on the boiler is activated. The other room does not require heat but the radiator thermostat is anyway closed.
  • Is the heating scheduled stored on the devices or in the cloud only? Does the system work without internet connection?

Thank you!


  • You can heat one room at a time. If any rooms do not have a smart TRV then those rooms will heat up at the same time.

    You can set the system up as either example A or example B, it depends wether you assign a zone controller to each room.

    As an example. If you have 6 radiators and you install 6 smart TRVs then you can link the wireless thermostat to one of the rooms. The wireless thermostat becomes a temperature sensor for that room and you will have 6 schedules in the App. If you don't link the wireless thermostat to one of the rooms then you will have 7 schedules in the App. That 7th schedule will probably be redundant.

    The schedules are stored in the cloud (nothing locally) and all communication between the App and the devices goes via the cloud. You must have a bridge connected at all times for the system to operate properly.

    If your internet goes down the schedules will cease to run, but you can continue to control the boiler by making manual changes on each thermostat and the wireless receiver.