Just installed Tado - heating not working

Installed the Wireless starter kit on a Worcester Greenstar 25Si.

Also 8 of the 12 Tado TRVs.

Everything is reporting everything is working, except I cannot get any heat into any radiator.

I have setup heating schedules for each room.

6 of the rooms are showing temperatures between 1 and 3 degrees C below target and have been for the last 12 hours and they are all showing as yellow or orange.

If I turn in Boost Heating for All Rooms, the boiler fires up runs for 2 mins then shuts down.

It is a combi boiler so Hot Water is still working.

Running a receiver heating test correctly shows it is working as a Combi Boiler controller.

I and the heating engineer followed the instructions for connecting the receiver to the boiler.

Only 3 wires used, Blue Brown and Grey which is on the LR of the boiler and on the NO of the receiver.

We put the jumper in the receiver as described.

Any ideas

  1. How to force the heating on so I can get some heat into the house?
  2. Any ideas on what is going wrong, the heating engineer was very sceptical and thought NC wire should also be used, but we followed instructions.

and finally many thanks to anyone who replies with ideas or suggestions.

Best Answers

  • Busta999
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    Ok had to power off the boiler and Tado receiver, it just just powering up, grinding then powering down.

  • Busta999
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    Ok fixed it, heating engineer came out and got it going, he said the instructions were wrong and he had to re do the wiring.