App feature: faster on/off using the main screen tile


I've been doing a lot of manual adjusting of my ACs the last couple of days to figure out what is a nice temperature and what isn't. And so I hit upon an idea which could improve the app:

In the app we have tiles for each room. It would be a nice feature if by performing a hold-button action (for say 3 seconds) on the tile that that the heating/AC device in that room would be toggled on/off.

This would be a lot quicker than clicking once on the tile to open the room screen and then slide the thermostat down to the off position and then apply the change (or the equivalent actions for AC control).

On/off would cover my use case. But, we could extend this concept by making the action configurable. Examples: swap between schedule/away, or two different temperature settings or schedules.

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