Tado with Buderus logomatic 2107?

Newbie in the forum, please be gentle 😀

I own an old Buderus 2107 running an oil fired boiler.

One external (outside of building) temperature device using simple setback control.

NO internal temperature control device.

Will the TADO unit work with my system, or do I need some other interface from Buderus to allow the TADO toconnect to the 2107?

Thanks and Regards Jimswin


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    Hello @Jimswin

    You may well get an answer here but it may take some time for the right person to come along!! Use the following link to contact tado direct with your requirements, give them outline of your intentions, hot water requirements, rooms etc and they will tell you if it's a goer and will furnish you with wiring and installation diagrams.