Is there anyway I can get the Smart AC Control/app to remember last used settings?

Hey - been using 3x Smart AC Controls for the past month and generally happy with them.

In my use case I only use manual control - which meant I had to create a schedule with one 24 hour block set to off (bit strange i can't just 'disable' scheduling tbh - but can live with that).

BUT what is mildly annoying is that manual control doesn't seem to remember my settings.

For instance, I set a particular AC to 24c, auto-fan speed, vertical swing off, for a number of hours - once that ends the AC powers off normally. The next time I want to use the AC, I open the app and my settings are gone, it decided to go on 20c, max-fan speed etc! I.E., I have to manually change.

Similar thing if I use google assistant - so after I had set those setting manually and timer ends, I might enter a room and say "hey google turn on ac" and it once again goes on some other temp and speed!

Can anything be done so that it remembers my preferred settings?

A new 'favourite' settings by room would be nice!


  • Strange, I tried this out myself. Set the airco manually on 21 degrees, fanspeed 4, and set both horizontal and vertical swing, and five minutes runtime. After it ends its run when I want to turn the airco on manually it has retained the settings I used previously. Only temperature I have to set. I don’t have google assistant (I use homekit). But I guess if I would to say “turn on AC at 24 degrees” it would work for me.