Help needed with buying the right setup

Hello Everyone!

I have a 2-floor house where I am planning to install a Tado system with a new Bosch condense boiler, but I am a bit lost in terms of how the system works.

On the ground floor we have underfloor heating - my plan is to control this entire floor with a single termostat, which I should be able to so as per my understanding.

The first floor should be treated separately, as we only spend time there when we sleep, so this should be controlled independently of the ground floor termostat. There are 4 radiators (4 rooms) out of which 1 room should be heated to a constant temperature, so I was thinking of purchasing a Tado TRV for that.

I have 3 questions essentially:

- do i understand correctly that by having 2 separate termostats (ground floor and 1st floor), i could control the floor separately?

- if I need constant temperature (have a newborn baby) in a single room on the first floor, but the 1st floor termostat is set to a lower temperature overall, what would happen? Would I be able to heat up just that single room alone? Do I need regular TRVs on all the other radiators on the 1st floor?

- finally, the boiler I am looking to install is a Bosch Condense 7000i. Is Tado able to modulate this boiler?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


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    Yes, you can use 2 thermostats to independently control the temperature on each floor. But, you must already have 2 separate hydronic loops controlled with zone valves to do this. If you already have 2 thermostats you'll probably be okay.

    With regards to heating a single room there are 2 modes. One mode will not heat the room when the 1st floor thermostat is off - the TRV is defined as independent. The second mode will heat the room to the required temperature, regardless of the 1st floor thermostat temperature setting. In the second mode the TRV and 1st floor thermostat are linked and the TRV can command the thermostat (Zone Controller) to operate.

    To avoid over heating the other rooms on the 1st floor you will need a smart TRV on each radiator.

    I don't know if Tado can modulate your boiler, but unlikely for multi zone. Best speak directly to Tado as some boilers have different control interfaces depending on the country.

  • It sounds like to me that I would have to go with the 2nd option, as i would want to keep that single room on 21C whilst having the master bedroom for example on 18C. However, in this case do I really need a wall-mounted thermostat on the 1st floor? Wouldn't I be better off with just equipping all radiators with a TRV?
  • If the 1st floor has a zone valve to open/close the hydronic loop for the 4 radiators then a wall thermostat is still required. The TRVs by themselves cannot start the boiler. The solution depends on how many wall thermostats you have at the moment.