Central heating output temperature setting, manual pump activation and some other items.


Hi all and Tado,

With winter coming up and having used tado for quite some time already we can say we're satisfied with how it works. But there could be a few "upgrades" in the app and possibilities.

  • first of it would seem a good idea to be able to set the central heating output water temperature as well, same as how you can set the temperature for tap water. Probably this has been mentioned already in previous threads, I just started typing away with some ideas.
  • secondly i can see functionality in the possibility to open up all valves manually and have a pump cycle run, this can especially be helpful if central heating systems are refilled with additives for preservation and it's summer or not necesary to run the heating (wink at current gas prices, wouldn't want to be wasting anything)
  • I know that from the factory the tado i limited to using max 70 degrees on the heating water. I assume this is modulated throughout it's demand in the house. why can't each tado knob be set manually as in how far it opens when there "100%" demand. this is not the same for all radiators/circumstances etc. You can sort of see how much demand there is as there is 1 or 3 stripes next to the temperature. just wondering why this isn't an option.

as mentioned in the first item probably these things have been brought up already. just some ideas. cheers everyone

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