Add Second Home (Multihome) - September 2022


Hi, when is the option being added to the app so we can control a second home. I find it surprising and to be honest, disgusting that this is not already a feature. I can see 3 years of complaints and an Admin person stating in April that it just keeps falling off the to do list.


  • davidlyall

    Hi, there's a separate forum for Suggestions, Ideas and Improvements. Please use that for questions like these.

    There's been quite a few posts in here lately about second homes and unfortunately, Tado have not yet added the capability

    I believe if you have Apple Homekit, you can do it but the Tado app doesn't yet have the ability. No word from Tado when it's coming ...

  • Many years have passed and there is still no sign of any progress on adding multiple locations. I'd like to add a second Tado system to my office, but there is no facility to do so on the app. It makes no sense. We the customers are less likely to invest in the Tado ecosystem if it cannot grow with us.

  • Ok. I’ve fixed this. I created an account for each house. Then I logged into Chrome ( on my iPhone as one account/house. Then I saved this as a Home Screen icon on my iPhone as house number 1. Then I did the same with safari for the other house and labelled the Home Screen shortcut differently. Then I logged into my app as another. Suspect I can do this for as many houses as there are apps on the app stored (Firefox, edge, opera, etc). The web app looks fine to me. Obviously o use the actual app for my main home. Finally!!!!!!
  • I had to use the shortcut app for all browsers apart from Safari.
  • How is this progressing? Is there anything we can do together as customers to encourage change or communicate our needs to Tado?

  • Tado_WhyNo2ndLoc

    It's so wierd that multi-location is not a feature yet, why can't Tado make this possible when so many customers are asking for it?