Use Room Thermostat for a room without Smart Radiator Thermostat

I have one room that has a radiator where I cannot fit a Smart Radiator Thermostat. It is a Vasco design radiator that has a specific temperature thermostat:

Since this is my living room, where I would like to heat just this room in evenings, my idea was to set this open when there and turn the Room Thermostat up.

My heater won't turn on since all other (smart) thermostats are off. Even if I set this specific room to heat.

So I need to turn on at least one SRT to get my room heated.

I would like Tado to turn on my heater if I turn up the room thermostat in the room without SRT's, even if all others are off. Is there a way to achieve this?

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  • andyblac
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    why not just buy a Wireless Smart Room Thermostat ? and leave your current TRV open full ?


    never mind, this wont work, as when other devices call for heat, this room would still heat. Sorry I don't see a way to do want what you want, and if you set your current TRV it will fight against the WSRT.

  • You say you physically have a thermostat in your living room. In the app is that thermostat in a room called living room with its own schedule? If that's the case you should be able to call for heat regardless of the SRT demand for other rooms.
  • Well, you describe the situation well I guess, but tado is not doing what you assume:

    So, no heating from my boiler.

    Then if I turn on another room:

    Now the boiler does start heating.

  • GrilledCheese2
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    The wired device which turns your heating on is known as the Zone Controller. In the app click on Settings->Rooms & Devices. Next click on a Room name (not the device name). A new screen opens for each room and at the bottom is the ID for the Zone Controller device. Assuming you only have a single heating zone, I'd expect this ID to be the same for all devices.

  • You're a hero! Thanks!!