Bring back Modulation (OpenTherm) to their wireless thermostat (UK)



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    @johnnyp78 Yes in UK with the Starter Kit – Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ and smart TRVs. If I use an Extension kit or wired receiver, will that lose me any of the existing functionality?
    Also is the product code for the Extension Kit Wireless Receiver EK01-TC-UK-03?
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    Do you have a combi or a system boiler? No existing functionality lost if it’s a combi. The extension kit has a single led light and starts with serial number BU - looks like it’s that product code - but it’s no longer on sale.
  • Combi.
    Also does the wired thermostat prevent the use of smart TRVs?
    I see there's an add on wired thermostat but again it's hard without a definitive compatibility or feature table with product codes.
  • No, not sure where you’re getting this from. All Tado products link to the bridge. Everything works together.
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    It's on the Tado site. So if I get this then it'll connect to my starter kit and give me OT?

    I'm sure if you're dealing with this kit regularly then it all seems trivially simple. But for the lay person, even who has done quite a bit of research, it is not obvious at all.
    It seems Tado really don't want OT in the UK at all.
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    Well they don’t, that’s why they removed it from the wireless receiver. The wired thermostat has digital connections (including opentherm).

    Nothing on the Tado site about products not working together that I can see. The only restriction is one bridge and one wireless receiver (and a maximum trv limit).

    You do understand that Opentherm requires a physical connection? It would mean removing your existing wireless receiver from the boiler and wiring in the wired thermostat.
  • All you need to do is forget the EU and UK versions and sell Wireless Open Therm and Wireless On/off.

  • If you look at tado's UK professional shop, they're labelled as Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control (S- & Y-Plan) and Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ (for Combi Boilers) so perhaps this is going to happen more widely. On the other hand both are sold out so perhaps this means a new product's coming. Who knows.

  • I'm still confused about whether can be connected to my boiler (yes of course I realise OT requires a physical connection. Non OT control requires one too!) and the rest of the kit i.e. wireless thermostat and smart TRVs will work.
    Something is really wrong about the product marketing ...
  • All will work. Opentherm just requires two wires and the wired thermo is battery powered. You just replace your existing wireless receiver.
  • @mr_b Yes the code EK01-TC-UK-03 is correct for the old opentherm version of the wireless extension kit. I too was disappointed when I realised that the new version in the starter kit I purchased did not have opentherm. I managed to buy one from 2 weeks ago but they have sold out of every Tado component now.
  • @johnnyp78 "All will work. Opentherm just requires two wires and the wired thermo is battery powered. You just replace your existing wireless receiver."

    Don't you then end up with the main thermostat in the boiler cupboard? How is that useful?
  • Assuming you’re replacing a wireless starter kit, you’ll already have a wireless temperature sensor. The wired thermostat replaces the wireless receiver.
  • danlightbulb
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    I am trying to buy a Tado system and having no success. I want to give you my money for god sake.

    I want the OpenTherm compatible wireless system. Your installer shop here is out of stock.

    I can't buy the old extension kit because its discontinued.

    I can't buy the EU version from the UK shop or Ireland shop because its sold out.

    I have been bidding on 2nd hand market items on ebay - and haven't been able to secure a device there either. The Extension kit alone is going for above £60+ and I still need to buy the whole starter kit on top of this.

    I am getting very very frustrated. There have been numerous posts on these forums of people wanting the digital connections yet no response from yourselves.


  • Jurian
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    Thanks for this feedback.

    At this time, we do not sell the Wireless Starterkit version with Opentherm/Digital support in the UK/IE

    Due to the energy price increases the demand for our products has far overshot our most optimistic sales forecasts. This is in principle a superb development since it means that people want to take energy saving into their own hands, but it also comes with its own challenges from our side. We are trying to do everything in our power to ramp up production but as you might be aware, we are still also dealing with a global supply shortage and shipping crisis.

    For your specific question, I can see that the Wireless Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit should now be back in stock on our webshop.

    If you want to connect your combi boiler wirelessly via OpenTherm (digitally), please also check our our retail partners that do international shipping ( , , , Amazon.FR etc...)

    We only sell the version with a single relay and Opentherm support on the continent. (There are no system boilers on the continent)

    That way you have multiple sources for your upcoming tado purchases.

  • danlightbulb
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    I appreciate you responding to this.

    To be clear - I can buy the UK version of the wireless starter kit - that is not the issue. But that kit DOES NOT SUPPORT digital bus connections. So I need the version that does support this feature, which is not available anywhere it seems.

    I will continue to monitor the sites and international sites as you suggest - however part of the problem here is being able to confirm 100% before I buy that the version I'm buying does have the digital connections.

    @Jurian can you confirm that if I buy the v3 wireless starter kit from Amazon DE, PL, FR etc, that it would be the OpenTherm supported version?

  • @danlightbulb Yes, generally speaking we only sell the Dual Relay (for S-plan and Y-plan) version in the UK and Ireland.

    You should always check the product pictures. The EU version has just one button in the middle, the UK version has 2 additional test buttons on the right side.
  • Your alternative is to buy an add-on wired thermostat, which has the digital connection which support OpenTherm. The wired thermostat is battery powered, so it does not need a mains power source, so you can locate it close to the boiler and then run a 2-core cable from it to the OpenTherm connection on the boiler. Once you have the wired thermostat registered, you can then go into the app settings - Rooms & Devices, click on each room name and then set the Heating Zone controller to the new wired thermostat. You can even do this for the room which has your starter kit wireless thermostat in it, so that the wireless thermostat will only be measuring the room temperature and then asking the wired thermostat for heat.

  • has the wireless thermostat but it ends up being over £250

    There's about £5 delivery, £5 exchange rate guarantee and £50 customs included in this.

  • johnnyp78
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    If you mean the wireless temperature sensor, assuming you’re in the uk, you can buy it from Tado for £89.99. The wired smart thermostat is £119.99. Both occasionally available more cheaply from other places.
  • Would the wireless temperature sensor plus the wired smart thermostat give me open therm control with that I can control wirelessly (ie. from a room other than that where the boiler is)?

    If so, would this be the cheapest route to achieve this?

    I still find the product/functions very confusing. For instance I was pricing up the wireed smart thermostat on amazon but they called it a Wired Smart Thermostat - WiFi Add-On Thermostat. Is this the same thing as just the wired smart thermostat?

    Thank you for your patience.

  • johnnyp78
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    Yes, that’s correct (assuming your boiler is a combi and supports Opentherm). You’ll also need a bridge though.

    Can’t tell you what the cheapest route is but could be if you get a decent price on both (plus bridge). Certainly the easiest route to get tado Opentherm control in the uk.

    There’s only one wired smart thermostat model (excluding older obsolete versions which are no longer on sale) so whatever Amazon calls it that should be it.
  • Currently on open therm with Nest thermostat.

    I have a Tado bridge installed along with 7 Tado smart TRVs, Do I still need another?

  • You’ve already asked about this
  • I know, but then you said above that I would also need a bridge, so once again I needed to check that I didn't have it wrong. I'm not being awkward with you, just trying to see clearly through the fog before splashing out any more money.

  • Tado requires one bridge to work and cannot use any more. It isn’t complicated.
  • OK so I'm going to buy the wired thermostat add on and the wireless temerature sensor. they're in my amazon basket, ready to go.

    - The wireless temperature sensor will sit in my lounge and control where I most need it.

    - The wired thermostat will sit in my dining room with a short wire through the wall into the boiler cupboard and connect to the open therm connections on my combi boiler.

    - I have seven other Tado smart TRVs and a bridge V3+ serving various rooms.

    I would be entirely grateful if you could check out the following assumptions:

    1 The wired thermostat will control the room it is in and will schedule the boiler.

    2 The wireless temperature sensor will only control the room it is in and bring on the boiler as required to do this

    3 The wireless stat will also operate a schedule for the room it is in

    4 All other TRVs, working on their own schedule will bring on the boiler when they need heat

    5 The wireless temperature sensor and all smart TRVs will bring on the boiler regardless of the condition of the wired thermostat?

  • Looks like I've found the answer in Tado's support articles on using tado products. Very comprehensive with hundreds of scenarios explained in simple terms. So my order has been placed.

  • johnnyp78
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    1. The wired thermostat will control the boiler for the room it is in and act as a zone controller for the other Tado products. The schedules come from Tado’s cloud, not the devices and are set via the app.

    2. The wireless temperature sensor will act as a measuring device for whichever room it’s placed in, physically and on the app. It can call for heat but can’t control individual rooms without trvs being there as well.

    3. You set schedules for rooms using the Tado app. It’s all stored on the cloud, no schedule is stored on the devices.

    4. Set the wired thermostat as the zone controller for each room the trvs are in and they’ll be able to call for heat as scheduled.

    5. The wired thermostat is the zone controller, as long as it’s physically connected to the boiler your other Tado devices will be able to call for heat.
  • Thank you. Ill be installing the two thermostats when they arive later in the week. We'll see how that goes. The TRVs were a doddle.