User-defined temperatures and schedules to speed making changes.


Motivation is to minimise taps and clicks to change room schedules in many real-world scenarios. All of this is just software with no implications for the hardware/electronics.

Temperatures: Allow user named temperatures, eg 'Toasty' = 23, 'Warm' = 21, 'Eco' = 19.5, 'Night' = 17, "Away" = 6. These could then be applied by name to schedule blocks. This means if you want to respond to climate change and notch down your typical temps, you just have to redefine, say "Toasty" or "Warm", rather than edit every block in every unique schedule. To manage transition and meet user preferences, you could allow schedule blocks to be set with either explicit temperatures (as now) or a named temperature. There could be a utility function to, for example, find all blocks currently set between 21 and 23 and change to 'Eco'.

Schedules: We can already copy whole schedules between rooms. Even better would be to have user-named schedules for whole weeks or single days that can be saved and applied freely - not just copied but linked so you can edit the master definition and have any allocations pick this up automatically. Examples could be 'All day', 'Morning only', 'Bedrooms' (this one could be 'Toasty' just for getting up and bedtime), 'Unoccupied'. Saved week schedules would automatically encapsulate whether they are 7-day, weekend/weekday or per day. This would cover for example a guest staying, when a spare room could be reset from 'Unoccupied' to 'Bedroom' or 'All day' as appropriate.

and beyond that... The above would go a huge way, but more is always possible. Saving whole home schedule configurations, eg 'Summer', 'Winter', 'Homesitting', 'Christmas'. Partial schedules that if applied would override relevant main schedules on a 'resultant set' basis. With this you could set 'Winter' (full schedule) + 'Mum staying' (partial schedule) where the latter just boosts temps in Mum's bedroom and extends heating in the living room. (I think Vaillant vSmart may do this?)

(There are parts of this thinking previously posted by many others but I couldn't see one bringing it together in the ideas section rather than forum.)

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  • andyblac

    might be easier to just have a an offset option for schedule +/- ie if you want to decrease for summer (personally I have my heating turned off from April to October) by 1 degree you could set the offset to -1, could be quicker to code and add.

  • GrayDav4276
    I personally prefer to use Alexa routines to control my tado° works well for me 👍
  • I like all these suggestons and agree. Plus the idea of being able to offset an entire programmed 'set of settings' for a period of time is a great idea.

    One slider to just move the whole programme up or down a few degrees for a few hours, a few days or a few eeks would be really hekpful.