Energy IQ long free trial for cost of living crisis

Has Tado considered offering an extended free trial for Energy IQ this autumn to help people manage energy use during the cost of living crisis? Something like a 3 month trial would help, and might result in more paying customers long term.

Also, is it worth revisiting suggested temperatures from both a climate crisis and financial point of view? Perhaps adding an additional colour to indicate the difference between slightly chilly and unhealthy to sit in? Tado is already telling me rooms are too cold, with all of them blue, but there’s no way we’re going to keep the house at even amber temperatures this winter. In the summer sometimes rooms were blue, when I was comfortable in sleeveless tops, so it just doesn’t seem correct for Scotland.

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  • GrayDav4276
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    I personally don't pay attention to the tado° comments regarding the "current room comfort levels" as indicated by the Energy IQ feature.....I have never found it to be a reliable indicator for my house.
    Other people are happy with it, but I think of it as more of a tado° sales gimmick.
    If the room temperature comfort range was user definable.....then it would have a use......but it's set by tado° based on a range defined by someone who doesn't live in my house, so therefore it's not relevant to my environment.
    And as far as your request for a..... Long free trial.......I somehow don't think that's very likely to happen.
  • I joined the forum just to suggest this similarly. Offering Tado users an extended or cost-of-living offer given the crisis communities are facing would be a really positive thing to do.

    Secondly as above, the option to change what the user considers 'warm' would be useful, or reduces based on seasonal factors.
  • rafm5
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    The truth is that these fancy graphs, spreadsheets and apps, I'm not really referring to tado° can make your life easier, but won't resolve your high bill.

    You simply waste your time on monitoring energy usage and pay for devices that claim they are smart and will save your time while they never pay off or will after 20 years. You are encouraged to play 'decrease your energy' games, in reality you simply waste your personal time pulling the data from one place and feeding another 'smart' systems.

    Energy prices ale loaded with 3rd party charges like social levy, government grants you even pay for suppliers that have gone bust!