[In Android beta] Dark Mode Toggle Switch



  • @csc1com The answer from Tado is if you dont want their app in dark mode you have to turn dark mode off on your phone. They also queried why would anyone want dark mode on their phone but not on their app.
  • Tado - This new dark mode is awful on iPhone!!! Horrible colours, horrible contrast and unable to see certain features such as the graph which shows temp throughout the day and when heating is on etc. It’s really poor that this dark mode is enforced and not an option to switch it off (I should not have to switch dark mode off on my device to have dark mode off within the Tado app, that is not a suitable option!) the app should have a toggle on/off switch within it like most apps do. Please sort it out!
  • Come on tado°
    Please make some sort of comment about what you are going to do about this feature and it's operation.
    Some sort of response would be nice.
  • I usually like dark mode, but sadly I'm not feeling the tado app version. I believe all it actually required was turning the background black, but keeping the adjustment bars the same. These muted browns and ultra dark greens are kind of dirty looking.
  • Because dark mode is ok in other apps but dark mode in the Tado app looks awful.

  • Hey tado°
    Have you got the message yet....
    Bin it or sort out a toggle switch.
    What's the issue.....is it too difficult for tado°........ Or is it simply arrogance.
  • @Jurian
    Can I please say WELL DONE to tado° for reacting quickly on this issue.....very refreshing 👍
    But.....it's a real pity that this feature was released when it was still not
    "fit for purpose"
  • Great! Even though I'm one of those android-Phillistines, so I'll have to live with things a bit longer.
    Of course, now that I know that you guys are still listening, I'll keep nagging about making changes to make it easier to really make use of the potential of a computer-controllable heating system. Hey, it worked for Cato the Elder... ;-)
  • I find it funny that Tado˚ thinks "about to be released" means 2-3 weeks 🤣

  • Yeah, but at least it has a realistic ring to it ;-)
    Let's see it in a positive light, they're taking their time to do it right and not break more than they fix.
  • The feature is part of app v 7.4 that is being rolled out today for iOS users. As anticipated, for Android the wait will be a bit longer, but we are committed to delivering the feature also there.

  • Hi Tado - I have just updated my app to 7.4 on iOS and can now see the new dark / light mode option screen above, however, it doesn’t work - I can not select light mode it’s just permanently stuck on the ‘system default’ setting?
  • Robti
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    Thanks working for me this morning on iOS 16.1.1 and Tado 7.4 been switching on and off a few times and it works fine
  • @Karpenteri would be nice if you could open a support ticket for this and you would include also your device model and iOS version.

  • It looks like a revision to the revised original release is required already........you really couldn't write a script for this.

  • I fully agree, please make dark mode optional and not default. Please fix this soon for Android as well.

  • Just received an email from Tado advertising their Smart Thermostat Black Edition which neatly 'proves the point' that dark mode should be an option. That email from Tado says:

    "And for an improved experience in low-light environments, the tado° app is now available in Dark Mode."

    No, it isn't "Available in Dark Mode". It is presented to the user in Dark Mode whether they like it or not if their phone is set to use Dark Mode!

  • andyblac
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    @AgBl @DrBrush why would Tado˚ not use "System Default" as default, ALL other app's follow this method (at least on iPhone), and I am pretty sure it is one of Apple's UI design guidelines, IMO it would make no sense to "Default" to "White Mode" if your phone is set to "Dark Mode".

  • @Manuel after updating my device to iOS 16.1.1 (from 15) the option is now working. So it looks like it may not be compatible with iOS versions pre version 16? In any case it’s now working for me 😃
  • Same issue here. I’ve updated the app to 7.4 and the Appearance setting is now added to the menu but it won’t let me change the setting from ‘System Default’. Phone running iOS 15.7.

  • Came to complain but I see that you are implementing a fix thank you. I'm a little amazed that this got past your UX designers and any analysts/data scientists in your team. They should have been able to point out that the temperature charts are far more difficult to interpret and really fail due to the similarity of colours/shades used.

    Looking forward to putting it back to normal.

  • @Manuel is 'Dark Mode' coming to the web app version ?

  • rafm5
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    The new dark / light mode manual switch option doesn't work on iOS 15.7.1 / tado° App 7.5 (12807)

    [updated 22/11/2022]

    works well with iOS 15.7.1 and App 7.5 (12816)

  • Thank you so much for implementing a 'fix' so quickly.

  • 🌑😎 From today you should find the Appearance settings with the Dark Mode Toggle Switch also in the beta version of the Android app. The feature is part of app v 7.8. Once the new version gets rolled out every user with a supported device should be able to choose their preferred mode.

  • @andyblac for now this feature is not planned for the webapp. Please open a new discussion for that and we can see if the community upvotes the idea.