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Dark mode was just released.

This thread now continues for the valid request to be able to toggle ON/OFF the dark mode regardless of the global settings on your phone.

Original post: Mobile apps would look nice in Dark Mode. Reading the System OS Light/Dark theme option as default, then a toggle in settings if the user doesn't want the app to read the System Setting and a custom theme setting for the Tado app.

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  • Let’s get Dark Mode support on IOS!
  • Hi @A5HL3Y

    Sorry to say that I can't imagine that Tado will be putting this at the top of their "really important things" to do list.
  • rafm5
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    My crystal ball and its 'algorithms' says no dark mode before 2025 xD

  • It would be very nice to have dark mode in the app. Since it’s not a very complex app (UI wide) I believe it should be doable in a short period of time
  • Agreed, since tado is not a complex app I don’t see why not having this
  • Hi @Panta
    Perhaps you can advise Tado which other "important" upgrades to put on the back burner, while they achieve "dark mode"
  • Manuel
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    edited October 2022

    Dark mode is available to test in the iOS public beta from today. The feature gets unlocked some hours after updating to app version 7.0. Some features are still in development but should be fully on the dark side for the public release: the Energy Savings Report, Balance AC (Smart AC Control only), parts of Care & Protect (incident notifications). Android should also arrive soon. The tado° app follows the system appearance, so if Dark Mode is turned on on your phone, then it’ll be activated for the tado° app too.

    We know it’s been a long time since you requested it here 4 years ago, but we hope that your eyes and the little Darth Vader in you will still be happy!

    We are looking forward to your feedback about the dark mode: what you like, what could be improved and what is causing you some problems.

  • tadoptw
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    Thanks for Android Dark Mode, but 2 things for me,

    1. The colour of the temperature in Green & Mustard yellow seem a bit To bright especially the Green, they look like they are over illuminated, would look better like the attached, sutler colours especially on the Green Temperature!
    2. The Dark mode is based on Phone dark mode, not an option in the app, would be better if there was a dark/light mode button in the app, as some like dark mode for phone but not for the apps.
  • vayid
    edited October 2022
    I just signed up here to see where I could turn Dark mode off. The original requester even said to make it a feature you can turn off in the app, and you guys went and ignored it. Tado looks horrible in dark mode but I like my phone system in that mode. I'll be going back to install the previous version, what a waste of an update.

    EDIT: I've install version 6.66 on Android and it's back to how it was, for anyone else looking to get rid of it.
  • I agree somewhat with vayid.

    I don't think it looks horrible, but that color scheme is just not for me. There should be a way to turn it off independently of the phone's general setting.

  • samd
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    Agreed - it's poor - glad I cannot access it!

  • Manuel
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    edited October 2022

    Thanks for the feedback both on the appearance and the missing mode switch settings. Especially thanks to @tadoptw for explaining why this switch is desiderable and for the suggestions about the colors. I will keep you updated.

  • Android is also in public beta since yesterday, if someone is part of our beta program.

  • I only just got the dark mode update, for me however everything but the home screen changed into dark mode. Any idea how to fix that? Would love getting rid of that last bit of light mode

  • Can someone shed any light on whether this is an energy saving feature.
  • Manuel
    Manuel | Admin
    edited October 2022

    @Kevin1Smid I think that it might be a corner case that will be resolved with the official roll out. Please contact our support team if you still notice the problem in 1-2 days. @GrayDav4276 About the energy saving feature, for your phone's battery it should be. It works much more efficiently on the screen, especially with OLED displays.

  • @Manuel

    I'm pretty sure that you realised that I was not referring to the energy savings for my phone battery........however you appear to have applied one of the many tado° "selective filters" when receiving criticism of tado°s selection process for deciding on the areas of users requests for improvement.

    As you are aware there are many many users who have genuine requests for system improvements, which tado° appears to not want to devote time and resources to resolve..........However a "Dark Mode and Haptic Feedback in the UI" has been provided.........exactly where was the "use case" for these features ??????🤔

  • How can one turn dark mode off even if my phone is set to dark mode??
  • rafm5
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    @RaveBoy Currently, dark more follows your phone settings, no separate option to on / off.

  • I agree with the comments above and think dark mode looks horrible. Please add a switch (like virtually every other app) to enable user to select

    1. System default
    2. Light mode
    3. Dark mode
  • I too echo many of the above comments. I came here trying to find out how to turn off dark mode. Please, please please give us a setting to be able to switch. I massively prefer my iPhone in 'dark mode', but for some apps, such as Tado, it really doesn't work for me.

  • As of now, the Dark Mode works according to the preference you have set in your phone settings, it is automated.

    But Tado’s Dark Mode is f*ng ugly.

    Give us back the option to opt-out and overrule the system settings in the app please.

  • It’s ugly.

    Give me the option to turn it off please. With sugar on top.

  • I too find that whilst most of my apps suit the Dark Mode, the TDO App doesn't on my phone. I would really appreciate the ability to choose which setting to use.

  • Give the option to have dark mode or not it’s horrible mine just changed last night and already I hate it . I prefer DM on iOS but not on my TADO
  • Completely agree. I’m colour-blind and dark mode in the Tado app is hopeless for me. Is the lack of an off button for the Tado dark mode going to force me to update how I view every other app on my phone and turn dark mode off permanently? Very presumptuous and short-sighted of you, Tado!

  • Another one who signed up specially to say this, it's AWFUL. I cannot tell at a glance any more what's going on, the colours all look grey. Off to find out how to get a previous version of the app until those is fixed, it's unusable
  • The Dark mode interface is not as easy to read - please roll it back or allow it to be turned off.

    it’s a big step backwards…

  • +1 for allowing us to disable dark mode. I'd like to keep my phone in dark mode but not the tado app.

  • I really don't understand why tado° implements feature upgrades that really aren't fully developed..........it's a little bit arrogant to assume that all of tado°s users will want this "Dark Mode" feature and not provide the ability for users to "decide" on whether they actually use it.........I've asked this before........where is the "Use Case" for this feature ??🤔