TVR room allocation format

Hi, does it matter if I have 2 TVR's in the same room one called Lounge TVR1 and the other called Lounge TVR2 (just for my info really)? To clarify will the suffix TVR1/2 make the system assume they are in different rooms?


  • They will each have a Room Tile and will operate separately
  • Thanks for the reply, I also have a wireless thermostat in the same room will this affect thee operation?

  • If you have 2 x SRT's and a Smart Wireless Thermostat physically in the same room...... Then you could do the following.........

    "Put the Wireless Thermostat and SRT's into the same tado° Room in the app. Then under the Room configuration, set the temperature sensor to be the Measuring Device."
  • Hi again, got it thanks