New Build Dual Zone Installation

Hi everyone,

I currently live in a new build with two heating zones, with wired thermostats in place. The combi boiler is in the garage with what appears to be two seperate valves for the the two zones (switch on the bottom for Auto and something else, I think always open?)

I blindly went out and bought 2 wireless starter kits (starter kit cheaper than an add-on thermostat in my area and can sell the extras on eBay to make monet back!) thinking I could just replace the garage setup with the wireless receiver and put the wireless thermostats in place of the wired.

However, I don't believe the wireless receiver is going to allow me to wire it that way, there is no dual zone functionality in it?

My requirements are quite simple, I'm happy with the placement of the current thermostats but want to add a few radiator add ons to control some rooms (working at home).

Can I simply install two wired tado thermostats where the current ones are, setup the internet bridge and add radiator valves as I wish?

If so, if I want to heat two rooms but not the whole zone - is that possible with that setup?


  • It’s hard to tell without seeing your wiring but I think you’ll need two wired Tado thermostats into the zone valves (replacing the current ones) for heating control, and the boiler will continue to control water temperature. You then set the wired thermostats as zone controller, one for upstairs, one for downstairs. If you set all your rooms up with Tado trvs you’ll be able to set a temperature for each room.

    See setup two here