Tado Wireless V3+ Kit to replace Honeywell st9100c and Honeywell cm707 thermostat


I have:

Ideal Logic Heat 18 Boiler

Honeywell st9100c Controller - for hot water tank 

Honeywell cm707 thermostat (upstairs and downstairs) for heating 

To replace this, I have purchased a Tado Wireless Starter Kit V3+.

Could you please confirm:

  1. Do I need to replace Honeywell ST9100C Controller with a Tado Wireless Receiver?
  2. Can I replace Honeywell CM707 wired thermostat with Wiress Sensor/Themostate available in the kit? What to do with existing wiring?
  3. As I have two CM707, I understand, I need to get another Tado Smart Thermostate to replace my 2nd wired thermostat.
  4. What will be the wiring to replace Honeywell ST9100C Controller with a Tado Wireless Receiver?




  • 1. Yes, if you want hot water control.

    2. It sounds like your house has a two zone heating system. Do you have zone valves? If so you’ll need a wired thermostat to control each one. You can’t use a wireless thermostat if it has zone valves.

    3. If it’s a two zone system you need a second wired thermostat, if not then you can use either a wired thermostat or a wireless temp sensor with the wireless receiver.

    4. The app should tell you how to do this when you install, but it’s usual to have either an s plan or y plan hot water system so will need to be wired accordingly.
  • Thanks, @johnnyp78.

    Yes, we have two zone heating system as both upstairs and downstairs are controlled separately.

    Does it mean, the wireless thermostat in the kit can't be used and I will have to purchase two wired thermostats to replace my CM707 wired thermostats? The wireless thermostat one is not of use!

    Yes, tried with App but the app ended up saying some heating systems are wired differently and asking to take pictures and share. I didn't open the old controller yet.

  • Did you take pictures? You need customised install instructions from Tado.

    The wireless thermostat can be used to supplement room temperature measurement, in a room where you have two trvs for example. However you need two wired thermostats to control the zone valves.
  • @Mahiway Did you get any further with this?

    I have exactly the same set up with two wired CM707 thermostats controlling two heating zones and the ST9100C controlling the hot water.

    I've reached out to Tado but no response yet, so curious to know how you resolved the set up because the hot water controller only comes with a wireless thermostat which as far as I can see is useless when you have a wired system.

  • Have same setup any advice on what I need to make it work

  • Hi All, I am struggling with the same set up do any of you have the Honeywell st9100c Controller to Tado wireless receiver diagram ?

    I have also reached out to Tado and provided picture but no response?
  • Same setup here, anyone get an answer from Tado?
  • No response from Tado. I was away so didn't get a chance to progress it.

    Does anyone know, how to open the CM707, struggling to remove the front plate?

    Did anyone manage to complete the setup?