Why do I need an extension kit?

New installation - I’ve got a Drayton LP111 controller in the center of the house and an Ideal Logic Max C30 boiler in the garage. These are connected by wire.

Can I use the Smart Thermostat instead of the Drayton controller? Why do I also need the extension kit? The thermostat and the controller will sit side by side. Primary issue at the moment is that I can’t finish the installation and get the recommendations as the installation wizard won’t let me.

What are my options? Thanks.

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  • Germán
    Germán | Admin
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    Hello funkensteinberg,

    The Extension Kit has two functions, it can be used as a dual relay (for adding hot water control) and at the same time is the wireless receiver for a wireless setup of our Smart Thermostat.

    If the location of the Drayton LP111 is a good place to measure the temperatures (so it's not inside a cupboard or something like that), then you may not need an Extension Kit and it could be replaced with the Smart Thermostat directly.