Suggested schedules to save energy

I know this would potentially be a nightmare and long term investment on tado's part but for those with trvs it would be possible, after maybe a year's worth of data from a property to learn a user's preferred temperature, time to heat each room, time for room to cool by X degrees thus understand thermal efficiency of each room and dependant on external weather data (which is already imported to tado) then a user could simply set a temperature for the property, answer some questions around times they work from home when they typically turn the heating on manually (boost) when they go to sleep and tado would set a schedule to meet that based on eco, balanced or standard depending if the user wants to save more money or heat the home more than usual.

Reason, while users can set up schedules I dont think they actually achieve optimum conditions and probably waste energy at times that aren't optimal for their home i.e schedule the heating too cold on too early.
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  • GrayDav4276

    Hi @kenneth121

    What you are describing seems to be a truly "Smart Heating" unfortunately, you have actually come up with the very reason why it is VERY unlikely that tado° will be able to achieve stated that........

    "this would potentially be a nightmare and long term investment on tado's part"......

    So when you read between the lines of many of tado°s responses to relatively simple customer suggestions/requests........there really doesn't appear to be much hope of any of your suggestions being taken up by tado° .........what do you think the chances are of all/some of your ideas being integrated into tado°s next generation of hardware/ software.......which is (apparently) already in the pipeline.........