White text on grey background (Temperature graphs in dark mode)

I'm using general dark mode on my device (Android)

With the the latest application update the inside and outside temperature display has been changed from black text to white text (on a light grey background. The text has become unreadable.

Can you change that back please ?

Edit: additional info, In normal (non dark mode) the text is black.
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  • Same here. In darkmodus not readable.
  • Same issue here too...
  • Same issue here too.

  • Same here.

    As much as text color changes (black>white), the chart background color (white>black/dark) does not, when switching between light/dark modes. In the end some text is barely readable, especially for those, who started Tado app in dark more day1, and do not know any better :)

    It would be great to have an option to align those two color switches, or give the user an option to ignore dark/light mode, or perhaps let the user fully customize the outcome.

  • Rob
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    The problem is known on our side and will be fixed asap if it hasn't been already. Thanks for the heads up!

    Edit: for those who do not see a dark mode yet. Still in beta, will be in available in every (updated) app soon. As in, this month. The beta is also intended for finding bugs, like the one that you guys found in this thread.

  • ACK. Just got an update this morning and the graphs look OK (=black text on white despite the mode chosen). TY

  • Item resolved in v6.69
    👍 thanks Tado⁰